Renault Trucks: en route for another record year

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Renault Trucks: en route for another record year

2008 is looking like another great year for Renault Trucks. To end-August, the French manufacturer’s invoicing was up 16% compared to August 2007, with 54,955 units delivered since the beginning of the year. In a slowing European market, Renault Trucks has shored up its position, with market share growing 1 point to 11.3% on the over-16 ton segment : a good springboard for the adventures that lie ahead in 2009.

Already good results for 2008

At the IAA Hanover show (September 25th to October 2nd), Renault Trucks reported its trading results to end-August 2008. With 54,955 vehicles delivered since the beginning of the year, the manufacturer recorded a 16% increase in product invoiced on all markets: +14% in Europe, +36% for the rest of the world.

Some fine results, then, which exceed market growth. On the over-6-ton market, Renault Trucks invoicing increased 19.7% whilst the market grew by only 6.5%. Amongst the best-performing markets on this segment were Holland, with a rise of 80%, UK (+60%), Poland (+53%) and Romania (+50%).

To end-July, the manufacturer gained 2.2 points market share in France for vehicles over 6 tons, 3.3 points in Portugal and as much as 3.9 points in Romania and Slovenia. Meanwhile, on the over-16-ton segment, Renault Trucks’ market share in Europe increased from 10.3 to 11.3%.
Thanks to constant innovation and attention to hauliers’ needs, the success of the Renault Trucks product and service range is confirmed for 2008. In spite of a marked slow-down on the European market, Renault Trucks is predicting an increase in product invoiced of around 10%. Stefano Chmielewski, CEO of Renault Trucks, underlines: « I’m not worried about the market slow-down in 2009 because demand in 2007 and 2008 has been exceptionally high, and we’re expecting 2009 orders to be sufficient for the production capacity of the seven European truck manufacturers. For Renault Trucks, the most important thing is to be prepared, and prepared we are. Since 2006, we have made substantial cost reductions and improved the productivity of our industrial apparatus to put out increasingly innovative products, adapted to what our customers really want. Results are here: our sales have grown faster than the European market for trucks. »

Focus – a Renault Trucks success story in Germany

In Germany, Europe’s biggest market, Renault Trucks is living out a real success story. On the over-6-ton market, invoicing to end-August increased 17% compared to August 2007. Magnum, Premium and Kerax registrations have even doubled over the past four years.

And the reason for this success in Germany ? A product and service range whose quality and reliability is familiar to all. But more particularly, thanks to closer cooperation with its customers, demonstrated by the 20% rise in the number of repair and service contracts signed since the beginning of the year. The creation of the Truck Driver Club has brought drivers closer to Renault Trucks, offering them a 25% reduction on training, a CD-based audio newsletter to listen to at the wheel and a new e-boutique with selected products for members only.


 For 2009, reductions in GGE and fuel consumption are the critical factors of success…

For Renault Trucks, 2009 promises new challenges, with two major new themes: reducing fuel consumption and trucks’ impact on the environment.

Having invested €350m in the revamp of its DXi Euro4 / Euro5 Incentive engines and powertrains, Renault Trucks is already helping its customers to cut consumption by 5%. The Optifuel Solutions package - which includes the Optifuel Training module on rational driving and the optimised fleet management program Optifuel Infomax - will help transport companies reduce their fuel bills still further.

In parallel, Renault Trucks offers a complete range of vehicles using alternative energies: NGVs for the Midlum, Puncher and Premium Long-Distance ranges, the all-electric or bimodal drive on the Midlum and Puncher, and the first Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech with a hybrid diesel-electric powertrain coming out at the end of 2009.

Tests on this new technology under road conditions will begin in October 2008 with the environmental services company SITA who will be using it in the streets of the Greater Lyon area for waste collection. In July 2009, Coca-Cola Europe will be taking delivery of a pre-series Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech for drinks distribution in Brussels. In all, Renault Trucks will be putting no fewer than 6 hybrid vehicles on the road before the end of 2009, ahead of the full launch of this new, environmentally-responsible vehicle.

Over the longer term, Renault Trucks is planning to broaden its range of alternative energy vehicles. For example, the Maxity Electrique concept truck was unveiled only recently. It can be driven by anyone with a B category licence (up to 3.5 tons), offering substantial payload of 1.5 tons and thus widening the audience of those who will be able to “drive clean”. In the Long Distance field, Renault Trucks is looking in particular towards the search for better aerodynamics for the tractor + semitrailer combination to reduce fuel consumption and gaseous emissions for this type of vehicle. The Optifuel Solution Generation 2010 concept truck is the practical evidence of this: with its 30 cm longer front end and its profiled semitrailer, this remarkable design offers 10% extra fuel savings.


…And an exciting year full of adventure ahead !

On the strength of its innovatory products and projects, Renault Trucks is confident about the future, and is willing to prove it ! Renault Trucks has been involved in the FIA Truck Racing Championship since 2007 with Team Frankie, and brings its spirit of adventure and high technology to give Frankie Vojitsek and Markus Altenstrasser every chance to race for victory in 2009.

 The Hanover show was also an opportunity to unveil the route for the latest Renault Trucks Adventure, the Cape-to-Cape expedition, in a world première. The trucks will travel from the Northern Cape in Norway to Cape Town in South Africa, via Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo and many other destinations that set the pulse racing. Six specially-bodied Sherpas, prepared by Renault Trucks Design teams for civil applications, and 6 Keraxes will travel some 30,000 km on this great human adventure, beginning in March 2009. On the eve of this new adventure, and bolstered by its great results, Renault Trucks is ready for everything that 2009 will bring about!

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