Renault Trucks donates 27 trucks for young people’s training

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Renault Trucks donates 27 trucks for young people’s training

In June 2009, Renault Trucks donated 27 used trucks to 25 colleges and apprenticeship training centres (CFA) throughout France in lieu of payment of apprenticeship tax. The establishments concerned all have specialised departments preparing CAPs, professional baccalaureates or BTSs in vehicle maintenance with a commercial vehicle option.

They are primarily Renault Premium Long Distance 420hp DCI tractors which have five or six years’ service behind them. These trucks are not for road use but will serve as teaching aids. The students will thereby be able to learn their trade on recent vehicles and, through the guidance of their teachers, gain valuable experience through assembly/dismantling of mechanical parts, engine tests, breakdown simulations, etc. 
Renault Trucks regularly helps teaching establishments with equipment donations, but this is the first time that the company has organised a large scale operation with a budget in excess of €500,000. Thus it is confirming its strong commitment to supporting the training ground for technicians of the future, familiarising them with its products and promoting the professions of the truck world.

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