Renault Trucks a fouding member of INSA Lyon Fondation

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Renault Trucks a fouding member of INSA Lyon Fondation

On April 20th, the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA) officially launched its foundation. As a longstanding partner of this engineering school, Renault Trucks naturally committed to the foundation as soon as it was created as one of the eight founding members. During an evening of celebrations, Stefano Chmielewski, Renault Trucks CEO, restated the importance of this partnership and his attachment to it. The approach is part of Renault Trucks’ global policy on long term relationships between schools and companies. As a founding member of the foundation INSA de Lyon, Renault Trucks will be directly involved in the school’s projects and orientations. Hence, the manufacturer will be better able to accompany students, and, during their university teaching, offer them a more professional perspective.

For the official launch of its foundation, the Institut National des Science Appliquées (INSA) brought invited its partners to a party on April 20th on the Doua campus in Lyon-Villeurbanne. Renault Trucks was of course present in its capacity as founder member. For the occasion, the company’s CEO, Stefano Chmielewski, said, via video-link: “Patronage allows us to accompany higher education and advanced research on different topics which concern us directly, such as new materials or the environment, for example. We chose INSA because we too are Lyon-based and because the school has everything we need to accompany us in our development, as a potential source of viable future employees.” He re-iterated his long-term commitment, with Renault Trucks, as a founding member, committing to the foundation for at least the next five years.

Strengthening what is already a fruitful collaboration, Renault Trucks, the biggest private employer of the Rhône-Alpes region, is seeking to enhance its standing amongst teachers and researchers and its attractiveness for students, so as to more easily find the skills that the company will need in the future. Currently, over 265 INSA graduates from Lyon are already employees at Renault Trucks, and almost one-third of them are women.

Committed for a many years to the promotion of women in the company, Renault Trucks has set up a “godmother” programme. This involves setting up meetings between women engineers working at Renault Trucks and female students. This initiative promotes exchanges about the profession, women’s day-to-day experience through the roles they play in the company, their career paths, as well as serving as a platform for exchange of knowledge and skills.

The manufacturer also contributes to funding the “Diversity and Success” centre, which is a unit set up within INSA to support the school’s initiatives, in particular in favour of welcoming and integrating students affected by disability.

These different commitments alongside INSA and its status as a founding member of the foundation are all part of Renault Trucks’ overall policy to share and exchange with schools and training bodies and accompany them, offering its know-how and its vision of how a company should be run.

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