Renault Trucks delivers Maxity Electric to Bruneau

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Renault Trucks delivers Maxity Electric to Bruneau

In April, Renault Trucks delivered a Maxity Electric to Bruneau, a mail-order specialist in office furniture, equipment and supplies. With a long-term commitment to sustainable development, the company was won over by the Maxity Electric, a “zero noise” and “zero CO2 emission” vehicle. It was added to a fleet of 75 vehicles and used for deliveries to districts around the company’s head office in the Courtaboeuf business park in the Paris area. Loved by drivers and customers alike, Maxity Electric tackles its day-to-day jobs like no other truck, doing around 80 kilometres on each delivery route.

When Luc Pelletier, Bruneau’s Logistics and Customer Service Director, heard of the Maxity Electric, he wanted one for his company: “For a long time now, we’ve been very attentive to sustainable development. For example, we are ISO 14001 certified, and we use small electrical machines for our internal deliveries between the different sites,” he explained. “We were naturally interested in any vehicle using alternative energies, and we really wanted to experiment with this type of delivery.” As a 100% electric vehicle, emitting no CO2 and no noise, the Maxity Electric was the obvious choice. But the environmental aspect is not everything, and other criteria have to be taken into consideration. “Payload is important, and the fact you can drive it with a straightforward ‘B’ category driving license was a determining factor in our choice,” according to Luc Pelletier.
The reason is simple: the Maxity Electric does the same job as any other Bruneau truck. Apart from the size of the delivery zone, designed to accommodate the battery’s charge span, it is treated no differently than any other: “We don't make any particular exceptions for it compared to the others,” confirmed Luc Pelletier. “It has to fulfil its role, which is to deliver and satisfy our customers.” And whilst it’s too early to draw any conclusions, the first kilometres covered by the Maxity Electric under proper operating conditions have been largely positive. It covers around 80 kilometres a day, and has never been short of charge. The only drawback that’s been noted: going up hills at moderate speed to save battery life is slower than with a thermal engine vehicle.

As for the three drivers using the vehicle, what they like is the comfort of use and the absence of noise. After two or three days’ adaptation, during which each learned, for example, to drive with a greater flexibility by optimising use of the engine brake, everyone got used to it and started to field questions from the customers, who showed real interest in the non-polluting vehicle. They are especially satisfied because not only do their deliveries arrive on time, but what’s more, it’s done in an environment-friendly manner!
Renault Maxity Electric is a vehicle which produces no atmosphere-polluting emissions or CO2 and generates no noise. It retains all its intrinsic qualities (mobility, easy body mounting, 2 tonne total payload, etc.), while at the same time significantly improving its environmental credentials. Fitted with a robotised gearbox and latest generation lithium-ion batteries, it has a top speed of 90 km/h with maximum torque available from start-up. However, to optimise battery performance, and in view of the assignments this type of vehicle carries out, customers may choose to limit its speed to 70 km/h when operating in urban environments. The optimisation of the electric motor, as well as the recovery of energy from braking, gives the vehicle an operating range of almost 100 km (for "dry product transport" applications). Despite having a GVW of 4.5 t, this vehicle can be driven in France with a regular driving licence due to an administrative dispensation. Apart from having fewer restrictions on its use, this means nothing is lost in terms of payload, the Renault Maxity Electric's strongest advantage.

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