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Renault Trucks delivers 54 Premium Long Distance vehicles to Turkish logistic specialists Balnak

Balnak, one of the biggest operator of the logistics sector in Turkey, has just renewed its fleet of vehicles with 54 Renault Premium Long Distance 460 hp, 18 t Euro V trucks. Chosen primarily for their low fuel consumption, these vehicles are all fitted with the Optidriver+ gearbox. They will be carrying out assignments throughout Balnak's entire network which covers Turkey, the Balkans, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

With a particular focus on environmental concerns, Turkish logistics firm Balnak, one of the biggest in its sector, has just taken delivery of 54 Renault Premium Long Distance 460 hp 18t Euro V vehicles. During the key presentation ceremony - which took place on 22 June at the Horoz dealership - Balnak CEO Lütfi Aygüler drew special attention to Renault Trucks vehicles' environmental credentials: "Balnak makes an absolute priority out of using environmentally friendly modes of transport. This is why the Premium Long Distance, its low consumption and the advantages associated with the Euro V standard played such a key role in our decision. We hope to continue our cooperation with Renault Trucks in the years to come."

For his part, Dominique Pollien, director of Renault Trucks Turkey, reminded those present that the Premium Long Distance makes Renault Trucks the market leader for fuel consumption, a leadership that has been corroborated by several independent tests. "I would like to thank Balnak for the confidence they have shown in our products and our brand," stated Dominique Pollien, "as well as in our dealer Horoz which will be providing the aftersales service. I am very pleased that Balnak, which is an innovative and environmentally aware company, has chosen to replace its fleet with Premium Long Distance Euro V and EEV vehicles, the market leaders in terms of low fuel consumption."


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