Renault Trucks continues to muster the troops for Doctor Clown

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Renault Trucks continues to muster the troops for Doctor Clown

At the behest of two employees from the Bourg-en-Bresse site, a weekend of public events was organised at the end of September at Péronnas Village Hall (Ain). The profits from the event, plus a donation from Renault Trucks management in Bourg-en-Bresse, allowed a tidy sum of €5,000 to be paid to the Doctor CLOWN Association. As early as last January, Renault Trucks’ Lyon site was already working to support the association.

Doctor CLOWN is a regional association based in Lyon, whose idea is to use professional clowns to brighten up the days of children in hospital. Eric Danguin and Christophe Clapot, respectively chairman and member of the works council’s kids & families committee, are involved on a day to day basis, proposing events and family outings to the site’s employees. “On this occasion, we were looking to do something for children by offering something original which was open to all and affordable for all,” he explained. “Supporting the Doctor CLOWN association seemed to fit perfectly, since Renault Trucks had already been supporting the association, and its regional action is of particular interest to us.”

Over the two days at the end of September, young and old alike from the region enjoyed different events in Péronnas Village Hall (Ain): bouncy castles, mini quad bikes, rodeo, merry-go-rounds, gladiator jousts, tombolas… There was something for everybody. Mireille Imbaud, president of the Doctor CLOWN association, and her team were there to present the association’s actions. On the Saturday evening, a dinner dance with entertainment from the UFO orchestra was attended by 300 people around a giant paella.

In the end, the money collected during the weekend and the donation from the Bourg-en-Bresse site management meant that €5,000 could be donated to the Doctor CLOWN association.

The preparation of the event over more than a year was a really interesting human experience,” Christophe Clapot and Eric Danguin told us. “We had many contacts. Lots of companies played the game, and made some contribution, either lending equipment or donating prizes.

Marc Depinois, head of human resources for Renault Trucks in Bourg-en-Bresse, was delighted with the employees’ involvement. “It’s a real pleasure to support this initiative, which is designed to help children get better in a better way. In spite of the difficulties we had to deal with, I was really impressed by the quality of the event organised. Well done!

The action of the Bourg-en-Bresse site, in favour of the Doctor CLOWN association, comes on top of numerous other events organised on its behalf by Renault Trucks and its employees at the end of 2010. Those events resulted in a cheque for €30,000 being handed to the association.

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