Renault Trucks, building clean trucks in clean plants

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Renault Trucks, building clean trucks in clean plants

For Sustainable Development Week, taking place all over France from April 1st to 7th, Renault Trucks, a key industrial player in the industry and the road transport, presents its commitments, actions and proposals in pursuit of environmental protection.

Goods haulage by road, the beating heart of free-market performance, contributes to the prosperity of society in general and customer satisfaction in particular. And yet, the sector continues to face criticism from the public, now increasingly concerned about safety and environmental issues, by focusing on the sector’s negative aspects alone. In a way, the citizen in us refuses to accept what the consumer in us demands.

Aware of its role in addressing this challenge, Renault Trucks has made the environment a key component of its development for a long time. The approach breaks down into 4 strategies:

• ISO 14001 certification of 100% of its industrial sites,
• development of new technologies and new products focusing on fuel economy and environmental protection: biofuels, NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles), electric and hybrid drive solutions, etc…
• reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions linked to the manufacture and maintenance of vehicles
• perfectly transparent communications around its environmental policy and results, both internally and externally, so that everyone is doing their bit in their area.

Hence, Renault Trucks has made an ecological commitment in all those areas where things can be done: in short, by making clean trucks in clean factories.

A complete information pack is available for download on this page.

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