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To meet the needs of professionals who sometimes want a vehicle as quickly as possible, Renault Trucks offers both Maxity and Master by Renault Trucks in fully bodied versions. These make up the "Ready to work" offering and are vehicles sold with a choice of the most commonly used bodies. By opting for one of these, customers need not be concerned about getting a body fitted, since Renault Trucks takes everything in hand and guarantees the entire vehicle. In fact, the manufacturer even goes further by offering an extensive range of services specially designed for light commercial vehicles such as Fast&Pro for sales and servicing, as well as Start&Drive and Expandys for everything related to controlling the budget and timing of maintenance operations.

A Maxity or a Master by Renault Trucks ready to work!

Renault Trucks’ offering of fully bodied Maxity and Master by Renault Trucks is based on three types of body: "tipper", "flatbed" or "panel van". They are designed to meet the needs of customers who want a vehicle quickly. The choice of configurations enables them to choose the version best adapted to their particular requirements. For example, those in the building trade, those who maintain green spaces or keep streets clean, will be most likely to choose a Master by Renault Trucks or Renault Maxity "tipper" or "flatbed".
On the Master, with an interior width of 2,000 mm and a maximum length of 3,200 mm, the tipper supplied can be in steel or aluminium and on a variety of chassis cab configurations offering either a regular day cab or crew cab. Depending on the configurations available in a particular country, which reflect local demand, customers can, for example, choose versions featuring a trunk behind the cab or a tow bar.   

Customers can also opt for bodied versions of the Renault Maxity and its "truck" type chassis. The "tipper" bodied offering is also available with three configurations: a day cab chassis, with or without trunk or a crew cab chassis. With a width of 1,840 mm, the tipper has an inside length of from 1,840 mm (crew cab) to 3,075 mm (day cab). This bodied version for the Maxity is available in France and in several other European countries such as the UK, Spain, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.


As far as "flatbed" offers are concerned, the Master by Renault Trucks version is 2,000 mm large and available in six different lengths ranging from 2,600 mm to 4,600 mm according to the chassis chosen by the customer, wheelbase and cab. The structure is in steel and the floor in wood with detachable and interchangeable aluminium drop sides 400 mm high.
For Renault Maxity, a choice of four flatbed lengths is available: 2,950, 3,160, 3,720 and 4,550 mm. This offer based on the Maxity is available in most European countries.  

Panel van
Renault Trucks recommends professionals in the parcels service or removal businesses to adopt the Master's ready to work "high-volume" panel van. Depending on the activity and selected chassis configuration, this solution can offer a volume of 19 cu.m (4,100 mm), 20.5 cu.m (4,300 mm) or 22 cu.m (4,500 mm) with or without an elevator tailgate. Depending on function and version, the body is built of plywood or polyester on an aluminium structure. Specific versions are available with a body extension over the cab or a deflector, and the interior is fitted out to suit applications such as removals or parcels services.
On Renault Maxity, the "panel van" bodied offering is available with a box body of 20 cu.m with or without an elevator tailgate, offering a usable length of 4,230 mm. Different versions are available to suit various kinds of activities. At present, this configuration is only available on the French market.

Activity-specific offers on the market (France only)

In addition to these production "ready to work" offerings, Renault Trucks also supplies an additional range of bodied models via its "fire-fighting and street maintenance" (CIV) department. For example, in 2010, the manufacturer made available a special limited edition offering specifically designed for landscape gardening services. This operation has been so successful that Renault Trucks is now exploring the possibilities of launching similar initiatives for other activities.

The other Renault Trucks services specific to light commercial vehicles  

The Renault Trucks Delivery range also comes with a whole range of services specifically dedicated to LCVs which make everyday life easier for tradesmen or SME managers, allowing them to fully concentrate on their business.


Fast&Pro: sales and service for professionals by professionals

Fast&Pro is a sales and servicing area entirely dedicated to LCVs. Customers are welcomed by staff specially trained to advise on LCVs who are familiar with their activities, the pressures they have to face and can offer them the best solutions. So that their business will not suffer, they will find a number of specific services geared to their needs, such as longer business hours, the supply of a replacement vehicle in the event of extended downtime or taking a vehicle in for its MOT test.
Fast&Pro workshops can be found all over Europe. There are currently more than 90 centres operating in Europe, 50 of which are in France and Renault Trucks is aiming to have 250 centres with the label by the end of 2012.

"LCV" Start&Drive and Expandys, for greater peace of mind

The Renault Trucks Start&Drive and Expandys contracts are specially designed to help LCV operators control their maintenance budgets and reduce vehicle downtime to a minimum. To meet the needs of every individual professional, Renault Trucks offers contracts with a broad choice of conditions for different periods and kilometrages.
With Start&Drive, regular, pre-programmed visits ensure the vehicle's regular servicing is carried out correctly, thereby limiting the risk of unforeseen downtime due to breakdowns. Customers can also sign a contract covering all vehicle servicing and repairs: this enables costs to be spread out and planned over a long period.

Renault Trucks also offers its customers the Expandys contracts covering technical risks. This offers genuine insurance coverage, taking over when the manufacturer's warranty expires, for a maximum of five years. It covers all repair and assistance costs for the elements covered throughout the European network. The Expandys contract covers technical risks over a two to four year period, according to the period chosen. In its "Standard" version, Expandys covers repairs to the powertrain (engine, gearbox and drive axle). The "Maxi" version covers repairs to all parts of the vehicle. In all cases, towing and breakdown services are included. Expandys offers professionals guaranteed peace of mind.

With its "ready to work" offerings, Renault Trucks provides its customers with an opportunity to swiftly take possession of a fully operational, bodied vehicle suitable for their needs.   Furthermore, throughout the entire purchasing process, they will always be dealing with the same person who will take care of everything. They will also benefit from Renault Trucks service quality, the warranty it provides for the entire vehicle and a choice of services adapted to the specific requirements of light commercial vehicles.

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