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During the International Motor Show (IAA) taking place in Hanover from 23 to 30 September, Renault Trucks will be particularly highlighting two of its most important themes: the savings in energy achieved using Optifuel Solutions, plus the alternatives to the use of all-diesel energy, now known as "Clean Tech". This 2010 edition will also be an opportunity to present full details of the centralised Start&Drive contracts recently launched on the German market. The Renault Trucks press conference will be held on Wednesday 22 September from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. on the manufacturer's stand (Hall 17-A 21).

Renault Trucks will be exhibiting all the solutions that make it a world leader for fuel savings at the Hanover 2010 edition:

  • Premium Optifuel. Already optimised as far as consumption is concerned, the Premium Long Distance will be shown at Hanover in its Premium Optifuel version, the only solution of its kind on the market which combines a truck with driving instruction. Certified by an independent laboratory, the TÜV, this offer can deliver fuel savings of 6.4%.
  • Master by Renault Trucks. In both its panel van and chassis cab versions, the new Master can reduce consumption by around 7% compared with its previous version.
  • Optifuel Solutions is a comprehensive product and service offering which helps companies save fuel and diminish the proportion of their long-term operating costs spent on "consumption". These consist of both technical elements and services.

- Optifuel Technology which incorporates the best of Renault Trucks' technology related to fuel savings, such as:


* The Optidriver+ or Optitronic robotised gearbox

* the automatic engine cut-out

* the new Euro V DXi 11 and  DXi 13 engines

* OptiTrack is being given its world premiere presentation in Hanover. Based on a "conventional" Premium Lander 4x2, this version offers temporary 4x4 transmission - together with all its advantages - only when it is really needed, avoiding the disadvantages of all-wheel drive which reduces payload and increases consumption.
With OptiTrack, Renault Trucks offers a solution providing 490 kg of additional payload while at the same time reducing consumption (compared with a conventional 4x4) by up to 10%.
The OptiTrack solution also includes a number of world firsts: total hydraulic system compatibility with the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox and all forms of power takeoff, plus activation of the OptiTrack function by simply pressing a button on the dashboard, when rolling or stationary. All of which are additional assets to further enhance the Renault Premium Lander's intrinsic qualities.

* accessories dedicated to reducing fuel consumption such as side or roof deflectors that can be easily adjusted, without tools

* Renault Trucks certified Approved Parts, designed for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption. For example, injection system components (injector, processing units, sensors, etc.) or the air and oil filters, prevent excess consumption when replacements are Approved Parts certified.


- Optifuel Programme This comprehensive programme of services gives operators all the tools and expertise they need to make immediate and sustainable fuel savings. It consists of instruction in rational driving (Optifuel Training), measurement software (Optifuel Infomax) and access to an exclusive Internet site (the Club Optifuel Programme). Optifuel Programme is now the most cost-efficient solution on the market for generating sustainable fuel savings.
Optifuel Programme has been developed for the Long Distance, Construction and Distribution ranges. It is designed for companies of all sizes operating in all fields. Renault Trucks makes this offer available throughout Europe. There are now 300 companies - representing a total of 14,000 drivers - which have chosen the Optifuel Programme in Europe and therefore enjoy its distinctive advantages: a reduction in consumption of up to 15% for an entire fleet. 


While already leading the field in terms of fuel savings, Renault Trucks also aims to be in the forefront of developing vehicles using alternative energies. Visitors to the show will be able to get acquainted with these new propulsion modes on the Renault Trucks stand by viewing the Maxity Electric and the Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech. A comprehensive range of such vehicles is now available:

  • Maxity Electric. Electrical energy is particularly suited to applications in urban environments with low daily kilometrage. Developed in partnership with PVI and EDF, Maxity Electric is now in its second phase of development and has just been fitted with a new gearbox. Equipped with an asynchronous electric motor, Maxity Electric has a maximum speed of 90 kph and its new generation lithium-ion batteries give it an operating range of 100 km. The first model was delivered to Parisian brewery Tafanel in May 2010. Other customers have already placed orders and will receive their vehicles between now and the end of the year.
  • Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech. A pioneer in the experimental application of this technology in Europe, Renault Trucks has been testing an RCV version of its Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech under actual operating conditions in the streets of the Greater Lyon area since 2009. This first test version has enabled Renault Trucks engineers to make significant improvements to the "second generation" hybrid vehicle currently undergoing operational tests with Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium in Brussels and with the Colas construction company in Lyon.
  • The Clean Tech label. To raise awareness of these vehicles using alternative propulsion modes, Renault Trucks is now applying the Clean Tech label, with a specific logo featured on the bodywork, to all its hybrid, electric and NGV vehicles. The manufacturer has also started issuing labels to its repairer network so that customers can be confident of obtaining the quality of service required by these new technologies, particularly in terms of skills, personnel training and the use of specific tools.

This exhibition will also be an opportunity to make a detailed presentation of Start&Drive, the centralised servicing and repair contract offer recently launched in Germany. In the event of a breakdown occurring anywhere in Europe, the customer can receive assistance throughout the Renault Trucks network. Start&Drive enables customers to keep servicing budgets under control, as well as giving them the assurance that they will remain operational at all times. It also allows the Renault Trucks network to engage in genuinely proactive maintenance management, leaving customers free to focus on their mission and only on their mission.



  • Long Haul

- Renault Premium Long Distance Optifuel 460 hp 18 T.
- Renault Magnum 520 hp. 18 T.
- Renault Magnum 480 hp. 26 T. EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle)

  • Distribution

- Renault Midlum 220 hp. 12 T.

  • Construction

- Renault Premium Lander 460 hp. 18 T. (with the World Premiere of OptiTrack)
- Renault Kerax 420 hp. 26 T.

  • Delivery

- Master by Renault Trucks front wheel drive panel van 125 hp, 3.5 T.
- Master by Renault Trucks rear wheel drive crew cab flatbed 150 hp, 3.5 T.
- Renault Maxity 130 hp 4.5 T.

  • Clean Tech

- Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech Coca-Cola
- Renault Maxity Electric

  • Truck Racing

- Premium MKR racer


  • Renault Trucks at the Hanover Motor Show:

- Hall 17
- from 23 to 30 September
- Press days: 21 and 22 September
- Press Conference: 22 September from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m.


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