Renault Trucks at Solutrans: passion and innovation

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Renault Trucks at Solutrans: passion and innovation

Renault Trucks is currently present at the Solutrans international transport solutions show taking place in Lyon (France) until December 3rd, 2011. The manufacturer is pushing two of its favourite buttons: passion and innovation. Passion, with the Renault Magnum story, the brand’s racing spirit: the precursor to the birth of the Renault Magnum in 1990, the VE 10 concept, is on display, as is the Magnum that covered Route 66, the special series Premium Truck Racing, and the Premium Course used by Team MKR Technology. The second theme is innovation. Visitors can discover Renault Trucks’ Optifuel Solutions, designed to reduce fuel consumption, Optifleet, for on-board computerised fleet management, Clean Tech vehicles, smartphone applications created by Renault Trucks to facilitate the day-to- to day lives of drivers, and research projects that the manufacturer is working on to improve urban logistics.

The first major theme at the 2011 edition of Solutrans, the international transport solutions show, is our passion for trucks. It breaks down into two domains: the Magnum, which will be celebrating 20 years of success this year, and truck racing.
First of all, the Magnum universe, seen very much as Renault Trucks’ emblematic vehicle. For aficionados of the vehicle’s past, the V10 concept, which gave birth to the Magnum in 1990, is on display. It is accompanied by the Magnum, which covered the legendary Route 66 in the US, which now belongs to Transport Avril. At the entrance to Eurexpo, a collection of five generations of Magnums is on show.
And to celebrate Magnum’s twenty-year record of success, Renault Trucks is launching a limited series of just 99 vehicles – the Magnum Legend. The Legend concentrates all the latest technological developments in vehicles in terms of both performance and fuel-saving.

Passion is also present in racing. This part of the stand is dedicated to the Premium Truck Racing special series, the Premium Course used by Team MKR Technology, and three race simulators, including a new version, offering even more thrills than before.

On the stand, Renault Trucks also pays substantial tribute to innovation, the second theme of the manufacturer’s stand, featuring:
-Optifuel solutions: Renault Trucks has set up its own solutions called Optifuel Solutions. This term includes all complementary tools that the constructor makes available to its customers to reduce their fuel costs. The first part is technical, with Optifuel Technology. The second, Optifuel Programme, comprises a set of three tools that allow real consumption gains: training in economic driving (Optifuel Training), fuel consumption monitoring software (Optifuel Infomax) and the Club Optifuel Programme.

-Optifleet: This is Renault Trucks’ on-board real-time computerised fleet management and monitoring system. It optimises hauliers’ profitability by reducing operating costs whilst developing customer satisfaction amongst their own clients.

-Clean Tech vehicles: To meet the environmental challenges that road transport is facing and the increasing demand from its customers for less polluting vehicles, in particular in towns, Renault Trucks has spent several years developing trucks driven by alternative technologies to diesel: electric, hybrid, but also natural gas (NGV). The three types of vehicle are grouped under the “Clean Tech” banner, primarily dedicated to urban and peri-urban areas.
Also of note on the Renault Trucks stands is the Maxity Electric, the first “proper little delivery truck”, which is 100% electric with zero local emissions.

-Smartphone applications: The introduction of mobile web applications in the day-to-day lives of drivers is comparable to the arrival of the worldwide web in our offices. Renault Trucks is contributing to this major shift by offering applications corresponding to their expectations. The latest is Time Book, which makes life easier for drivers by replacing the notebook they use for noting down their various driving times with a specific iPhone application.

-New urban logistics solutions: Renault Trucks is committed, alongside other road transport actors, to different products seeking to improve delivery of merchandise, especially in towns. These projects test new solutions in very practical ways for the purpose of serving urban areas.

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