The Volvo Group, represented by Renault Trucks SAS, and EMLyon Business are creating a chair for

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The Volvo Group, represented by Renault Trucks SAS, and EMLyon Business are creating a chair for "Capitalisation of Collaborative Interaction Knowledge"

The Volvo Group, represented by Renault Trucks SAS, has just signed an agreement with the EMLYON Business School to launch a teaching and research programme. This project will focus on managing knowledge via the link with capitalising on that knowledge and the collaborative interaction between those involved in sharing it.   

The manufacturer is making a four year commitment to support this project in the form of a lecturing chair in "Capitalisation of Collaborative Interaction Knowledge", thereby confirming its long-term partnership with the business school. This chair is the educational extension of a Lyon-based think tank, the CLICC (Club interaction capitalisation collaboration - Interactive Collaboration Capitalisation Club) set up in 2009.

One of the aims of establishing this chair is to address the day-to-day difficulties encountered by staff members in the same company who are based in different countries. The exchange of ideas, formalisation of documents and their use are sometimes unclear even between people working in the same office. Adding distance and time to this equation makes interaction even more complex.  Various solutions, particularly involving the use of IT, are studied to avoid the risks of losing information and improving interaction between the various members of a company workforce.

The manufacturer is the first company to become involved and make a commitment to the setting up of this chair. Four other companies are needed to meet the project's requirements.

This programme of teaching and research is based on a long-term commitment as well as a significant contribution in financial and human terms which is to be supplied by the Group's Information Technology entity. Human support takes the form of lectures in EMLYON courses, taking part in CLICC events and hosting doctoral students from time to time. The financial support will make it possible to have a long-term vision of this project and recruit teacher-researchers or finance theses.

Photo : M. Philippe Monin - Associate Dean for Research at EMLyon Business School and Thierry Fayette - Vice President HR Center of Expertise France

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