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Renault Trucks and Dennis Eagle Ltd have signed a partnership agreement for the distribution of a vehicle with a low-entry cab, to be named “Access”. Mainly designed for domestic refuse collection applications, it replaces the Puncher to complete the Renault Trucks Distribution range, joining the Premium Distribution and the Renault Midlum. It will be fitted with the DXi 7 Euro 5 engine and will first of all be sold in France before being gradually becoming available on other European markets.

Specialised in domestic refuse collection vehicles, the UK company Dennis Eagle has a unique wealth of expertise on the market for vehicles with low-entry cabs. Producing around 1,000 units a year, Dennis Eagle is one of the market's pivotal players. It was therefore quite natural for Renault Trucks to join forces with this manufacturer for the distribution of such a vehicle. Manufactured in the UK, and called the Access, the vehicle will initially be distributed and sold in France under the Renault Trucks brand and then gradually launched on other markets throughout Europe. Predominantly aimed at the refuse collection market, operators will be able to rely on the Renault Trucks network for all their maintenance and servicing needs.

Olivier Jacquier, Director of the Renault Trucks Distribution range, welcomes this partnership: "The choice of Dennis Eagle was determined by our desire to work with acknowledged specialists in vehicles with low-entry cabs and by the quality and reliability of their products. This means we can confidently look forward to sales of around 100 to 150 units a year."

This is confirmed by Norman Thoday, CEO of Dennis Eagle: "It is a partnership that recognizes the quality of Dennis Eagle vehicles and our expertise in the domestic refuse collection industry. It gives us a competitive edge over our rivals."


About Dennis Eagle
Dennis Eagle aims to provide the highest level of professionalism in the refuse collection industry. The company provides its customers with a comprehensive recycling solution satisfying all their specific needs and constantly strives to develop products which exceed customer expectations in terms of performance, costs and features.

About Renault Trucks
Active in 100 countries via 1,500 sales and service outlets, Renault Trucks designs, manufactures and distributes HGVs and LCVs for both civil and military applications, from 2.5 tonnes to 60 tonnes. It is committed to putting the prestige back into the road haulage industry for the benefit of its customers and those who drive its vehicles. For road transport is a noble profession without which modern society would collapse.

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