Renault Trucks helps drivers react quicker to avoid accidents

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Renault Trucks helps drivers react quicker to avoid accidents

Renault Trucks has always been committed to road safety, and now offers its customers a safe driving solution. Using a single unit, the driver can now receive alerts in case of unintentional lane changes, failure to respect braking distances and risks of imminent collision.

To prevent imminent collision, the FCW (Forward Collision Warning) system analyses the truck’s braking distance in relation to the vehicle in front, the vehicles’ speed and deceleration and delivers the alert 2.7 seconds before the collision would have happened, which is the time the driver needs to react to avert the danger. The function kicks in from 30 kph and remains active through deceleration down to 5 kph.
In case of poor road positioning or unintentional lane changes, the LDW (Lane Departure Warning) sounds half a second before the vehicle crosses the lane line, and only if the driver has not put on his indicator. This system helps the driver improve his road positioning, obliges him to use his indicator and can be very useful in case of poor visibility. It should be noted that on bends, the LDW system has a margin of error built in so as not to alert the driver unnecessarily.
Finally, the HMW (Headway Monitoring & Warning) system permanently calculates the gap in seconds between the 2 vehicles and alerts the driver when the braking distance is not respected. The system is active from 40 kph upwards, and alert thresholds can be configured by the driver.

These three systems are contained in a single unit placed on the dashboard, connected up to the truck’s speaker system and to a sensor stuck to the windscreen. This easy-to-use aid details and graphically illustrates the sound alerts mentioned above. It is already available for the Premium Long Distance range and for the Magnum as of the first half of 2009.

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