Renault Trucks Adventure sets off on 1 March 2009

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Renault Trucks Adventure sets off on 1 March 2009

The Second Renault Trucks Adventure is moving ahead at great pace. The expedition, baptised Cape to Cape, is now taking shape, and is set to depart North Cape (Norway) on 1 March and arrive in Cape Town (South Africa) on 1 July 2009. For the 16 weeks of the expedition, six Kerax and six Sherpa units will brave extreme weather conditions in three continents.

As announced at the beginning of the year, the next Renault Trucks Adventure, Cape to Cape, will travel from North Cape (Nordkapp) in Norway to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Six Kerax and six Sherpa units will travel more than 30 000 kilometres between the extreme north and the extreme south and endure harsh weather conditions from bitter cold to intense heat and pass through some of the world’s most arid deserts.

The expedition will get underway with a European segment, crossing Russia en route to Istanbul. Next, a Middle-East stage will follow but is yet to be decided as reconnaissance is still underway. The adventure will continue with an African segment, notably through Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania. The adventure ends in the Cape.

For Kerax and Sherpa teams alike, Cape to Cape will be the perfect opportunity to test Euro 4 and Euro 5 equipment and technology: SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), the exhaust gas after-treatment solution chosen by Renault Trucks will be severely tested. Renault Trucks will have a fantastic opportunity to promote its technological choices and products throughout the course of the expedition, whether or not the constructor is present in the countries traversed. Many other events will be organised to enliven the sixteen-week journey.

There is no doubt that this new edition of the Renault Trucks Adventure will fit perfectly into the mould of the Silk Road, Croisière des Sables and Ténéré Missions.

From 24 September 2008, you can see the first photos and the read the first reconnaissance mission reports online at:


 From the Silk Road to Cape to Cape

Cape to Cape follows on the Silk Road expedition which marked 2005. This almost mythical route has brought cultures together since the dawn of time and passes on traditions that transcend borders. Renault Trucks took part in the adventure to affirm its values of efficiency, innovation and fraternity.
The expedition had dispatched six Kerax and two Sherpa teams on the trail of Marco Polo to connect Lyons and Beijing. A bit more than two months were needed by the Renault Trucks caravan to cover the 22 000 kilometres separating the silk capital and the truck-building capital in France, and cross the middle Kingdom of Asia.

The journey, with its difficult roads, tracks, dunes and hostile mountains, was covered without any serious problems. The Kerax and Sherpa trucks were exemplary in their robustness and dependability, showing outstanding all-terrain and endurance capabilities during the adventure.

Aside from the technical prowess, the human adventure and personal challenges were also very much in focus. The vehicles were driven from start to finish by employees of the company who were not trained in all-terrain driving. With support from the entire Renault Trucks company, the drivers and crew had experienced unique human adventure that would remain with them for the rest of their lives. The breathtaking regions and countries they crossed gave them a chance to get to know other human beings and other cultures.

These expeditions are an opportunity to reveal the dynamic and pioneering spirit of Renault Trucks to other latitudes.

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