Renault Trucks Adventure: second edition in 2009

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Renault Trucks Adventure: second edition in 2009

After the Silk Road run in 2005, Renault Trucks is planning a new adventure for 2009.

Six Kerax and Six Sherpas will, from the beginning of next year, be travelling from the extreme north to the extreme south via an itinerary which will be revealed during the months ahead.

Renault Trucks Adventure carries the message of the entrepreneurial and innovatory spirit of the Renault Trucks brand throughout the world.

It is also a means of defending its values of care, efficiency and innovation.

For the second edition, Renault Trucks will once again be relying on the know-how of its workers and the competitiveness of its products in order to go forth and meet new cultures and reach new technical heights.

“In the spirit of the Ténéré, the Croisière des Sables and, of course, the Silk Road  missions, this north-south itinerary will be an opportunity for Renault Trucks to discover mythical routes never previously covered by truck, under extreme conditions with a cultural and human angle”, according to Stefano Chmielewski, CEO of Renault Trucks.

This new venture will be organised under the responsibility of Pierre-Alain Brendel who is leaving Renault Trucks’ press department for the time of the project and Elsie de Nys, who will be coordinating the project.

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