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Renault Trucks has just signed a partnership agreement with the Lyon Central School, making it a member of its Partners' Club. This agreement strengthens the cooperative ties already existing between the manufacturer and the famous engineering school which already has over 60 of its former students working for the company. At the signing, Gérard Amiel, Renault Trucks' human resources director and Patrick Bourgin, the Lyon Central School's director, both stated their desire to increase the interaction between the two organisations in the fields of teaching, research and international development. This aim is directly in line with Renault Trucks' determination to establish connections between its activity and the best educational programmes.

Gérard Amiel, human resources director for Renault Trucks SAS and Patrick Bourgin, the director of the Lyon Central School, have signed a partnership agreement for a minimum period of three years. This will establish a relationship between the company and the engineering school designed to create greater mutual awareness between the two organisations as well as intensify the interaction between them in the fields of education, research and international development. With the signing of this agreement, Renault Trucks, which already has over 60 of the school's graduates on its engineering team, becomes a member of the Lyon Central School's Partners' Club.
The partnership will be built around an annual plan of action and interaction between students, teachers and research laboratories. By taking part in courses, providing more professional testimonials, holding technical conferences and suggesting areas of research, Renault Trucks, a Volvo Group subsidiary, is contributing to the expansion of knowledge and and set up an ongoing dialogue between the corporate world and that of education to optimise future graduates' integration into the workplace.
The first event springing from this partnership will be a joint conference at the Ecully (Rhône) campus in March 2011 on the theme of: "Hybrid solutions for trucks: challenges and outlook".

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