Renault Premiums Long Distance for Coca-Cola in Switzerland

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Renault Premiums Long Distance for Coca-Cola in Switzerland

Renault Trucks offers its customers the cleanest vehicles on the market, meeting the requirements of next year’s Euro 5 standard. In today’s ecology-minded world, plus Coca Cola Beverages AG’s drive to distribute its product in an environmentally responsible manner, the famous drinks brand is expanding its fleet with 18 new Renault Premium Long-Distance Euro 5s. These vehicles will be used in particular during June’s European nations football championship.

These 18 Renault Premium Long Distance 450.26 6x2S Euro 5 vehicles are fitted with a Privilège cab equipped with a fridge to keep the indispensable "Coke" cool throughout the entire delivery run. They are also fitted with the Optidriver robotised gearbox and its hydraulic retarder. These Renault Premium Long-Distance trucks have rear steering lift axles and all-round pneumatic suspension to protect the tyres, but also aluminium wheels and other elements to ensure maximum payload. They have flatbed bodies with sliding tarps and are supplied with 2 axle side loading trailers. All vehicles also feature remotely controlled Elevator tailgates.

The vehicles boast exceptional payload of over 25.5 tons, helping to increase day-to-day profitability of beverage distribution. This gain in payload is secured thanks to the optimised design of the Renault Premium Long Distance. To protect drivers against any surprises due to shifting weights, Coca-Cola Beverages AG has opted for the installation of a load control system per axle, warning the driver of any overload immediately.

Each of the 18 Renault Premium Long Distance vehicles is personalised with its own name - Red Arrow, Purple Flash, Silver Star or Black Thunder and a number enabling them to be identified. 
Coca-Cola Beverages AG is the largest soft drinks producer in Switzerland. Since 1936, Coca-Cola has been active on the Swiss market with its own production plant, as well as providing distribution of all its products to all locations. 90% of the drinks sold are produced in Switzerland. 6 distribution centres make deliveries to all parts of the country, as well as to southern Germany. Distribution of all the brand's drinks are carried out by the company's own fleet of 30 trucks and 26 drivers. Several partners are called upon to provide additional capacity to meet seasonal increases in demand. 12 of the 30 trucks make deliveries to wholesalers, while the remainder make individual deliveries to restaurants and other outlets. 3 of the 18 new Renault Premium Long Distance vehicles are being bought outright by Coca-Cola Beverages AG, whilst the others are on seasonal lease.

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