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When choosing local distribution vehicles, Ukrainian companies are increasingly turning to European-manufactured trucks. One of the key producers in Ukrainian confectionery, the company « Roshen », part of the « Ukrprominvest » consortium, has opted for Renault Premium Route tractors and Lamberet semi-trailers.

Roshen is one of the biggest confectionery manufacturers in Ukraine. Almost 25% of all confectionery is produced on the Kiev, Vinnytsia, Marioupol and Krementchug sites. Confectionery covers a wide range of products including over 200 sweet, chocolate, caramel, biscuit, waffle, fruit jelly sweets and cake products. The total production volume exceeds 310,000 tons per year.

Raw materials and « Roshen » products are mostly transported by road. The « Konditer Trans » transport company, created especially for this purpose, today has a fleet of 35 vehicles.

«Our choice of trucks was most particularly guided by our logistics objectives, explains Gennady Khmourov, director of « Konditer Trans ». Over short journeys – up to 6km – we use CIS-manufactured vehicles and, over long distances – up to 500km – we work with Renault Premium Route vehicles. For refrigerated semi-trailers, we have acquired Premium long haulage tractors with 380hp engines. For transport of molasses in 16,000-litre tankers, we use the more powerful Premium Lander 440hp vehicles. All of our trucks are especially adapted to regional use: additional reinforced pre-filters, strengthened suspension and other crucial options for working on the Ukrainian roads. »

The trucks carrying the « Roshen » name are all equipped with Infomax 5.1.diagnostic systems, designed especially for the precise monitoring of operational characteristics of the vehicle and energy consumption. Information comes in the form of highly demonstrative tables and graphs. 

The system allows all the fleet to be controlled and information gathered on all the generations of trucks from Euro 2 to Euro 5.

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