Renault Premium Long-Distance, the big consumption winner

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Renault Premium Long-Distance, the big consumption winner

To renew its fleet, the English company Funstons is ordering 10 Renault Premium Long-Distance trucks, which ranked first in a comparative fuel consumption test carried out on the fresh produce delivery firm’s fleet.

To renew its fleet of 70 trucks and reduce its operating costs, Funstons has opted for comparative analysis to find the most fuel-economic vehicle. The big winner is the Renault Premium Long-Distance.  Steve Heal, Managing Director for Funstons explains: « This year, we introduced a major quality comparison strategy for the different trucks in our fleet, paying particular attention to fuel consumption. Renault Trucks was chosen because the Renault Premium Long-Distance scored better than average results with regards to fuel consumption. »

10 44-ton Renault Premium Long-Distance Euro 4 trucks equipped with the robotised Optidriver+ gearbox, are the first Renault Trucks in Funstons’ fleet of 70 vehicles, previously exclusively made up of vehicles from competitor brands.

A major campaign to replace 25 obsolete vehicles is on the cards. The results of the comparison strategy carried out this year will determine the choice of manufacturer for the majority of Funstons’ fleet for next year. « We can tell you that the Renault Premium Long-Distance handles very well and is placed in the top quarter of our ranking » confirms Steve Heal.

To source its Renault Premium Long-Distance trucks, Funstons has set up a strategic agreement for the next five years with the commercial vehicle leasing business Hill Hire. Again, according to Steve Heal, one of the key reasons for choosing Hill Hire has been its ability to supply new trucks according to specification, at short notice and at prices defying all competition. « The higher level of service offered by Hill Hire has equally made a strong impression on us. Customer satisfaction is clearly one of their main concerns », he added.

Funstons specialises in distribution for groupings of suppliers to the agro-foods industry. The new Renault Premium Long-Distance will be used by these suppliers to transport temperature-sensitive products to shops throughout Britain. It started life as an independent family business in 1961, and now has two sites, one in Royston, the other in Peterborough. In addition to transport, it provides storage services in normal or cooled warehouses.

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