Renault Magnum for ING Renault F1 Team

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Renault Magnum for ING Renault F1 Team

Sixteen new-generation Renault Magnum 500hp have just been delivered to the ING Renault F1 Team racing team. The vehicles are fitted with the very latest technological enhancements and will handle logistics support and help promote the French team during Formula One Grands Prix events. As in the past, two prestigious brands continue to join forces to project an image of high performance. Let’s go racing!

Honour to whom honour is due. As is customary, this latest version of the Renault Trucks flagship line will start its career in an operation of prestige. A fleet of 16 Renault Magnum 500hp trucks has recently joined the ING Renault F1 Racing Team, led this year by two-time world champion (2005 and 2006) Fernando Alonso of Spain and Nelson Piquet of Brazil.

These trucks are the first of the new range to be delivered. They are fully-featured vehicles, with streamlined fairings, aluminium wheels and complete semi-trailers. The last wave of deliveries took place in mid-August, just ahead of the European Grand Prix in Valencia, Spain, where Renault Trucks Chairman Stefano Chmielewski handed over the keys to the French team Director, Flavio Briatore.

For the ING Renault F1 Team, the choice is evident. It stems from an agreement protocol signed in 2002 with Renault Trucks France which calls for complete renewal of the fleet every season to take advantage of the best in build quality and the very latest technological advancements.

« Our partnership with Renault Trucks is the perfect illustration of the synergies possible within Renault », says ING Renault F1 Team Chairman, Bernard Rey. « With the support from Renault Trucks, we have the benefit of state-of-the-art vehicles that fully meet our needs as we move to the different events in the world championship calendar. We are proud to showcase the Renault Trucks colours in the Formula One paddocks across the world and Renault Trucks can take advantage of the team’s notoriety to present their latest models and consolidate their expertise and know-how. It is truly a win-win partnership and we are happy to have the new Magnum in our fleet of vehicles this year. »

In the high-stakes world of F1 racing, nothing is left to chance and nothing is too grand to impress the competition and seduce millions of spectators and the media. It is a media-frenzied showcase where the Renault Magnum will truly be in its element.

« We cultivate the same brand image prestige and the same philosophy of excellence », says Jean-Pierre Raymond, Team Logistics and Safety Manager. « These trucks are unique. They transport sensitive, expensive instruments and are tremendous advertising vectors! For ING Renault F1 Team, this type of vehicle is vital to safeguard our equipment and the know-how of our engineers. It is essential that we continue this partnership in good terms for we all reap the benefits! »

Team trucks assigned to the paddock areas do about 15 000km every year and those taking part in additional publicity events cover about 40 000km. To ensure continued availability of the fleet, the vehicles are serviced by the Renault Trucks network, and their technicians are always ready to respond. « We know we can count on them at any time », says Jean-Pierre Raymond.

A part of the fleet is assigned to transporting the single-seaters, chassis and body replacement parts, engines (about ten) and engine parts. All this equipment is moved in optimal conditions, protected in tarpaulins, nets, covers, cases, trunks, customized casings … all in the team livery. Other trucks load the gear used to set up stands or may be used for technical support, team hospitality, offices and catering service during race weekends. .../...

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