Renault Kerax 8x4 XTREM :just like its name

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Renault Kerax 8x4 XTREM :just like its name

A vehicle that sets the standards on the construction market, the Renault Kerax has won the approval of professionals in the Construction industry by its totally dependable robustness and outstanding obstacle clearance capacities. To meet the increasing demands of customers in the mining industry for trucks with four axles, Renault Trucks is now offering the Kerax XTREM in an 8x4 configuration on international markets. As its name suggests, this is an even more robust version designed for carrying minerals or operating under the harshest quarrying conditions. The Kerax XTREM 8x4 features a strengthened chassis from the engine to the end of the rear overhang and also comes with essential features such as reinforced rear parabolic suspension, a cast-iron flywheel housing, twin disc clutch and a gearbox cooler as standard. The Kerax XTREM 8x4 is available on international markets with power ratings from 439 to 520 hp for Euro V vehicles and from 380 to 500 hp with Euro III engines.

Since it was launched in 1997, whether it is being used in Chilean copper mines, Moroccan phosphate mines or Indonesian coal mines, the Renault Kerax has been able to clearly demonstrate its qualities under the severest operating conditions.  Backed by this experience and the expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of costs per tonne carried and particularly high availability, Renault Trucks is now extending its range by offering an XTREM version of the Kerax with an 8x4 configuration.  The Kerax XTREM 8x4 is designed for the toughest applications, particularly extraction operations in the most inaccessible mines or quarries over steep and unstable terrain. This is why it is equipped with a reinforced chassis and features all the essential equipment needed for such tasks as standard.

The chassis reinforcement was carried out by doubling the side members from the engine to the end of the rear overhang, by adopting four parabolic leaf reinforced suspension and fitting a drive axle strengthened to withstand a load capacity of 36 t (optional). Furthermore, the Kerax XTREM 8x4 is fitted with all the essential equipment needed for the most challenging assignments, for example a cast-iron flywheel housing (on the DXi 11), a twin disc clutch and a gearbox cooler.

With the Kerax XTREM 8x4, Renault Trucks is proving its ability to provide companies specialised in mineral extraction or mining under the most testing conditions with the best solution in terms of load capacity, sturdiness and cost efficiency.

The manufacturer recently extended its international aftersales activities by helping its customers set up on-site servicing workshops at mines or other remote locations. Renault Trucks supplies technical documentation, spare parts and training to customers wishing to become more competitive and limit downtime by enabling their workshops to provide faster service.  This enables vehicles to be serviced on site with original Renault Trucks parts, and is an activity which complements the servicing and repair offering provided by the Renault Trucks network.

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