Record sales for Renault Trucks in 2007 : 79,857 vehicles invoice

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Record sales for Renault Trucks in 2007 : 79,857 vehicles invoice

With almost 80,000 vehicles invoiced in 2007, Renault Trucks has reported a record year for sales, thus strengthening the company’s position in most countries in which it is present, both in Europe and internationally.

In a European market which grew by 7 % to 422,000 vehicles over 6 tons, driven primarily by the buoyant markets of the Eastern European countries, and an increase for Renault Trucks of over 45 %, the company has achieved unprecedented sales.

Increasing volumes

All sales for the brand totalled 79,857 vehicles, i.e. an increase of 1.59 % compared to 2006.

With an entirely renewed range, and in spite of the absence of the new Mascott in the first half of the year, Renault Trucks reported invoicing down by only 2% in France.

Total invoicing fell from  29,699 to 29,101 units for a 32.2% market share.

For the whole of Europe (excluding France), the increase was over 16%, with 39,974 vehicles invoiced.

In Germany, the biggest European market with almost 100,000 units sold over 6 tons, Renault Trucks confirmed its presence with a 33% increase in volume sales, translating to 3,107 vehicles invoiced in 2007.

In the other countries of Western Europe, Renault Trucks maintained its positions with almost 10% market share and a good foothold in Spain and Portugal and significant growth in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, etc…

In Eastern Europe, which gave this growth its real momentum, Renault Trucks saw its sales increase by more than 47% in Poland with 3,033 vehicles invoiced,  30% in Slovenia and 15% in Romania with 1,124 vehicles invoiced.

Strong positions internationally

With over 10,500 vehicles invoiced internationally, Renault Trucks has maintained and even reinforced its positions in its traditional markets and simultaneously going into new ones.

In Russia and the Ukraine, Renault Trucks doubled sales with 1,611 vehicles sold.

Outside Europe and outside Turkey, international sales stayed at a high level, with over 10,500 vehicles invoiced and this in spite of a tricky geopolitical situation in Iran where Renault Trucks was nevertheless able to invoice over 1,000 vehicles in 2007.

Demand in emerging markets remains strong and needs for infrastructure increasingly urgent, which boosts sales in the construction range. Over 4,000 Keraxes were sold internationally.

Premium has also experienced increasing success outside Europe, where over 3,500 units were invoiced in 2007, particularly in North Africa.

South America in general, and Argentina and Chile in particular, are increasingly important markets for Renault Trucks. Indeed, a distribution contract has just been signed between Renault Trucks and the company Salinas y Fabres, enabling Renault Trucks to cover the whole of the country with a total of 12 branches.

Encouraging signs for 2008

Market prospects both in France, Europe and internationally mean that Renault Trucks can approach 2008 with confidence.

Current ranges reputed for their high quality and future developments will have a positive impact on sales of the brand, whether through additions to ranges such as the Premium Lander 8x4, Kerax 500 hp or the new Magnum or indeed, future product ranges.

Industrial projects in Russia and Turkey in particular will, in time, bear fruit and increase sales volumes for Renault Trucks.

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