Premium Long Distance plus decoration : combining good looks with low consumption !

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Premium Long Distance plus decoration : combining good looks with low consumption !

Last December, Renault Truck Commercials UK launched a far-reaching promotional campaign featuring 10 Premium Long Distance vehicles emblazoned with the English and Welsh flags. In addition to the impact made by this patriotic livery, the operation also included loaning the vehicles to future Renault Trucks customers for a one-week trial. At the end of this period, Optifuel Infomax software was used to determine average fuel consumption, and the readings were sent out to the customers and drivers concerned. The results were unequivocal: the drivers' average consumption was 29.65 L/100 km, with one of them achieving a record 25 L/100 km! These figures clearly confirm that the Premium Long Distance really does deliver the lowest consumption in its category.

Last December, to promote the Premium Long Distance, Renault Truck Commercials UK decorated 10 vehicles in the colours of the English and Welsh flags. This original livery was greatly appreciated by many customers, but the campaign went even further by offering some of them an opportunity to test the vehicle on the road for a whole week. At the end of this time, customers were informed of their drivers' consumption thanks to readings provided by the Optifuel Infomax software. With the 10 vehicles recording an average consumption of under 30 L for 100 km (29.65 L/100 km), the Premium Long Distance confirmed its fuel-efficiency performance under real operating conditions. One of the customers even managed to achieve a remarkable 25 L/100 km average! The vehicles concerned were Premium Long Distance 460 hp, equipped with DXi 11 engines and the robotised Optidriver gearbox.

As Christophe Blazere, director of Renault Truck Commercials UK explains, it was important to, "Give our customers concrete proof of the savings they could achieve with the Premium Long Distance. The lowest fuel consumption during the whole promotional campaign was 25 L/100 km. The overall average of 29.65 L/100 km is highly satisfactory, particularly since the drivers were carrying out extremely varied types of delivery assignments."

From a commercial perspective, the operation resulted in the sale of 50 Premium Long Distance vehicles. Other similar events will take place during the course of the year. Renault Truck Commercials UK has just ordered four new trucks for this purpose, because all its demonstration vehicles have already been sold!

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