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After winning the 2010 European Truck Racing Team Championship, Renault Trucks wanted to share this victory with its customers, and is therefore now launching the Premium Long Distance "Truck Racing" special edition. This will not only allow drivers to benefit from the Premium Long Distance's intrinsic road handling and reduced consumption (the lowest in its category) but also the opportunity to be part of a world dominated by references to racing. This includes "Renault Trucks Racing" exterior decoration with a red sunshield, plus a leather steering wheel, specific seat covers and carpets. Each vehicle also boasts a "European Champion" plate. In other words, this is a totally unique vehicle guaranteed to get noticed on the road!

Renault Trucks' commitment to truck racing is first and foremost a question of passion. A passion for trucks, technology and competition. But this can only be of any value if it is shared with customers, both on the racetracks and on the road. Renault Trucks therefore decided to celebrate its 2010 European Championship truck racing crown by launching a Renault Premium Long Distance "Truck Racing" special edition.

This version of the Premium Long Distance, famous for its road handling performance and low consumption, is available as a 4x2 tractor (or 6x2 for the UK market) fitted with a DXi 11 460 hp engine and the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox . References to the world of racing dominate its exterior decoration - making this a vehicle that cannot go unnoticed on the road! The "01" marking, symbolising the European Championship crown, can be clearly seen on the front and at the top of the cab doors. The trapezeoid air dams, positioned between the two front headlights, echo the lines of the Premium Racing with its original and sharp design that made such a powerful impression during the last Truck Racing season. Finally, the aluminium rims, together with the "Renault Trucks Racing" and "MKR Technology" partner logos, give this vehicle its full competitive credentials. And the cab interior boasts a similar style! The specially designed grey seat covers, featuring the Renault Trucks racing logo, as well as the steering wheel in full grain red leather, will give the driver the feeling of being in command of a very special vehicle, evoking all the atmosphere of the racetrack and competitive events.

When it comes to driving, the Premium Long Distance benefits from excellent on-road performance qualities, providing the foundation on which the reigning European Championship Premium Racing vehicle was developed. "The Premium Long Distance features totally independent steering and suspension," explains Philippe Boitard, roadholding engineer with Renault Trucks. "The steering is extremely accurate and reassuring, enabling the driver to instinctively find the right trajectory. For example, if the wheels hit a rut in the road, no steering adjustments are required." As far as the engine is concerned, the DXi Racing, which demonstrated its supremacy and reliability during the last Truck Racing season, is a direct adaptation of a production engine, since the DXi 11 and 13 have the same architecture. "Almost 80% of the racing engine can be found in the production engine, as required by FIA regulations," Maxime Le Bech, engine building engineer reminds us. "The strength of the DXi 11," he adds, "lies in its ability to deliver maximum torque at low engine speeds. Whether this is on the racetrack or on the open road, we are always aiming for the same thing - reliability and performance!"

Finally, based on the Premium Long Distance, the truck with the lowest consumption in its category, this special "Truck Racing" edition has managed to combine both emotion and rational design! Available now throughout Europe, it will enable its customers to benefit from the pride and prestige associated with the Championship crown, while at the same time enjoying all the advantages offered by a reliable and highly cost effective working tool.


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