First edition of the Renault Trucks Optifuel Tour

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First edition of the Renault Trucks Optifuel Tour

Renault Trucks is setting out to meet its customers via the Optifuel Tour 2009. This initiative has twin objectives: to clearly demonstrate the savings made possible by Optifuel solutions - a unique offering on the market designed to help customers reduce the proportion of their operating costs devoted to fuel - and thereby build closer ties with its sales network. The Optifuel Tour will be visiting eight dealerships between now and the end of 2009. Customers will be given a presentation of the Optifuel solutions in application during test drives of Long Distance and Construction vehicles. In partnership with Renault Trucks Oils and Michelin, Renault Trucks is asserting its position as the benchmark when it comes to controlling fuel consumption, having already trained some 10,000 drivers!

Renault Trucks serving hauliers
Renault Trucks has always been close to its customers. Now, RT is proudly asserting its support for the road haulage industry, which is sometimes given a bad name and for the manufacturers, hauliers and drivers without whom, society would not be able to function. Renault Trucks therefore aims to provide its customers with the tools they need to improve their performance and efficiency, as well as minimising the impact their activity has on the environment when carrying goods. This was the spirit that inspired the Optifuel Solutions offering, with the primary aim of reducing the proportion of operating costs devoted to "fuel" – a particularly efficient solution for long-distance hauliers, but also for worksite vehicles.
For the first time, the manufacturer is making an offer unique on the market combining the sale of a vehicle with a training programme in rational driving. For the customer, this results in consumption savings of 6.4% certified by an independent body. For more details, see the June 2009 press file "Premium Optifuel: a unique "truck+training" offering which reduces consumption by 6.4%", available at

After much reticence, the construction industry is beginning to recognize the benefits offered by robotised gearboxes on worksite vehicles. For, not only can they reduce consumption, but also offer drivers a much appreciated improvement in comfort. Fully aware of this shift in opinion and customer demands, Renault Trucks has become the first manufacturer to offer the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox as standard for construction applications on several models in the Kerax range.

Renault Trucks Optifuel Tour 2009
From September to the beginning of December 2009, Renault Trucks is promoting Optifuel Solutions (see below) in its network during the first edition of the Renault Trucks Optifuel Tour. In association with the Renault Trucks France Demonstration and Event-led Promotion Department, eight dealers will be successively hosting the Renault Trucks Optifuel Tour. After the Berthier Group in Auxerre on 9-10 September and the Scouarnec Group in Dinan and Brest on 29-30 September and 1 October, the following venues will be:
- Kertrucks Group: Rennes, 7-8 October.
- Faurie Group: Brives and Moulins, 20-22 October.
- Marty Group: Montpellier, 4-5 November. - Somi-Nice-Toulon Trucks Group: Fréjus, 18-19 November.
- RTCE Group Paris: Paris, 24-26 November.
- Bernis Trucks Group: Poitiers, 2-3 December.

Renault Trucks customers and dealers, both in the Long Distance and Construction fields, will be given a presentation of Optifuel Solutions: This consists of instruction in rational driving (Optifuel Training), measurement software (Optifuel Infomax) and access to an exclusive Internet site (the Club Optifuel Programme). Technical workshops, led by experts, will also be organised to give added substance to the presentations: downloading and reading an Optifuel Infomax data report, and how to get the most out of partner Michelin's X Energy Savergreen tyres.
Finally, customers will have the opportunity of implementing Renault Trucks' recommendations in terms of economical driving during test drives organised on regular road surfaces or in quarries. 

During the Renault Trucks Optifuel Tour 2009, 10 Euro V vehicles will be made available to customers. Four of these are vehicles from the Long Distance range (3 Renault Premium Long Distance and 1 Magnum) and 6 from the Construction range (Renault Kerax and Premium Lander):
- 3 430 and 460 hp Premium Long Distance tractors
- 1 520 hp Magnum tractor

- 1 4x2, 460 hp Premium Lander tractor
- 1 4x2 480 hp Kerax tractor
- 1 6x4 460 hp Kerax
- 1 6x4 430 hp Premium Lander
- 2 8x4 460 and 520 hp Kerax
All rigids are fitted with Meiller, Marrel and CIF dual tippers.
During the first stage of the Renault Trucks Optifuel Tour 2009 at the Berthier dealership, large numbers of customers came from all parts of the geographical zone covered by the dealer (Auxerre, Lons-le-Saunier, Besançon, etc.). It gave them the opportunity of becoming familiar with the Optidriver+ gearbox on the 10 demonstration vehicles. The day was marked by more than 130 demonstration round trips offered by these trucks.

Optifuel Solutions
Launched in France in 2008, Optifuel Solutions is a product and service offering which is constantly being improved. It is designed to help customers reduce the proportion of operating costs spent on fuel in the long-term. It is made up of the following elements:
Optifuel Technology refers to the vehicle being equipped with the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox, an ideal partner for the DXi 11 L and 13 L engines and the SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) system to keep fuel consumption in check. This technology shifts gears at engine speeds prioritising low fuel consumption, reducing it by as much as 3% compared with a manually operated gearbox.
These technical aspects are complemented by Optifuel Programme, a comprehensive programme encompassing Renault Trucks teams’ expertise.  It consists of instruction in rational driving (Optifuel Training), measurement software (Optifuel Infomax) and access to an exclusive Internet site (the Club Optifuel Programme). 

A rational driving instruction programme covering both theoretical and practical aspects, Optifuel Training takes place over one or two days according to country. It is provided by Renault Trucks experts specialised in this field and designed for instructors, fleet managers or chief drivers. It can, of course, subsequently be passed on to all drivers in the fleet. It also includes the installation and use of a specific measuring software programme.
The Optifuel Infomax software, developed by Renault Trucks, allows customers to retrieve data concerning their vehicle’s consumption and analyse it in relation to the driver’s particular driving style and the vehicle’s assignment. It reveals differences compared with the fleet average in a very straightforward manner, using a colour code. All this data will help our customers implement action plans to optimise the consumption of their entire fleet. Furthermore, driver communications and management will be more objective because of this factual, quantified data.
After the training, Renault Trucks continues to provide its customers with long-term support by giving them access to the Optifuel Programme Club, an Internet site which extends the effect of the training programme. This will enable customers to consult practical advice from experts to extend the training’s benefits over time.
Initially designed for Long Distance haulage applications, Optifuel Programme is currently being developed for the rest of the range. In view of the success this solution has had in France, Renault Trucks has decided to make it available throughout Europe. For example, it has already proved to be successful in Poland.
Since 2008, over 200 companies active in different parts of the French transport industry have subscribed to Optifuel Programme. This represents a total of around 10,000 drivers. The programme has been highly praised by its users and provides tangible results. It can deliver a reduction in consumption of as much as 15% for a whole fleet.

Renault Trucks today and tomorrow
A designer and manufacturer of heavy goods vehicles, Renault Trucks offers the most comprehensive range of vehicles and services on the market. As a civically responsible company, it is also committed to facing the major challenges of the 21st century such as the environment, goods' mobility, road safety and social dialogue. RT is also committed to defending the goods haulage industry.
Renault Trucks offers its customers four ranges of vehicles, each one adapted to their specific needs. The Delivery range (2.7 t to 6.5 t), which includes Trafic, Master, Maxity and Mascott, the Distribution range (7.5 t to 19 t ) with Midlum and Premium Distribution, the Construction range (18 t to 42 t) with Premium Lander and Kerax and finally the Long Distance range (26 to 60 t) with Premium Long Distance and Magnum. Via its subsidiary Renault Trucks Défense, Renault Trucks also designs and assembles military vehicles.

Constantly driven by a concern to assist customers before, during and after having purchased their vehicle, RT offers a wide range of services: 24h/24h assistance, servicing contracts (Start&Drive), specific repair workshops (Fast&Pro for LCV vehicles), a warranty extension (Expandys), maintenance packages, a vehicle hire offering (Clovis Rent), financial services (Renault Trucks Financial Services) and computer software consumption management programmes (Optifuel Infomax), as well instruction programmes in economic driving (Optifuel Training).

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