Pilot customers test the new renault trucks range

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Pilot customers test the new renault trucks range

Fifty vehicles from the new Renault Trucks range, due to be unveiled in June 2013, are currently undergoing tests with pilot customers. The vehicles have covered a total of 2,000,000 km under actual operating conditions on roads or construction sites. Customers deliver their first impressions on the new trucks in terms of driving, performance and life on board.

When Renault Trucks began developing its new range of vehicles seven years ago, the manufacturer invited a number of pilot customers to become involved in the process. These pilot customers, who are currently testing the trucks under actual operating conditions, have covered a total of 2 million kilometres on the road. They give us their first impressions of a unique driving experience.

First reactions to being at the wheel of the new vehicles are particularly positive.

Several emphasise, "The accurate, very direct and very pleasant driving," describing the vehicle as being "easy to get used to". "My first impressions are really very, very good. The test I just carried out showed me it's easy to drive!" declares Christian Söllner from German hauliers Söllner Logistic GmbH & Co. "You feel good at the wheel," adds Franck Hurtel, one of Transports Jacot's team of 100 drivers based near Amiens, France.

As far as the new vehicles' performance is concerned, all pilot customers remarked on the good fuel consumption. "We are very satisfied by the consumption," reports Dutch international haulier Johan Hengst. The vehicles' ruggedness was also applauded: "This new vehicle gives the impression of being a very sturdy and very reliable truck," asserts Jochem Leemans, a driver from the Dutch distribution company R. Nagel B.V, currently testing two vehicles used for controlled temperature transport.

The interior design was also unanimously praised: "The quality of life on board the vehicle is very much appreciated!" explains Franck Hurtel, from Transports Jacot. A quality that is particularly valued since, "What counts in long-distance transport is having a lot of space and a perfectly laid out driving position," adds Christian Söllner from hauliers Söllner Logistic GmbH & Co.

In the opinion of Luis Ventura, Portuguese pilot customer from Transportes João Amaral, a company specialised in the international transport of chemical products and distribution for the automotive industry, "The new trucks are really very quiet when you’re driving." Jochem Leemans, the driver from haulage company R. Nagel B.V. adds: "Very often, when I'm telephoning with my hands-free kit, people ask if I'm driving, or at a standstill, because you hear absolutely nothing. The soundproofing is perfect!”

"This truck really stands out from the crowd!" declares Dutch international haulier Johan Hengst. "It is fantastic, I find it audacious and modern," concludes Luis Ventura, from Transportes João Amaral.

The new Renault Trucks range will be unveiled in Lyon on 11 June.

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