Optifuel Challenge France 2013: the competition begins

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Optifuel Challenge France 2013: the competition begins

After the European edition which took place at Seville in October 2012, a French edition of the Optifuel Challenge will be held in Strasbourg, Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. The competition final, sponsored by driver Emmanuel Collard, will be held on 22 April at the Nogaro track in the Gers départment. This competition, created by Renault Trucks, is devoted to economic driving and reducing fuel consumption.

As part of its All For Fuel Eco initiative, in 2012 Renault Trucks created a competition devoted to economic driving and reduction of fuel consumption: the Optifuel Challenge. Following on from the European final held at Seville in October 2012, in 2013 Renault Trucks is now organising a French edition which will take place in March and April sponsored by French racing driver Emmanuel Collard, whose victories include the Daytona 24 Hour race and the Monza 1,000 km in 2005 as well as the Le Mans Series championship in 2005, 2006 and 2011.

The Optifuel Challenge France is open to all French companies that have followed the Optifuel Programme training since 2007. They are encouraged to invite their best driver to enter the competition. 

After Strasburg (13 March), Paris (20 - 21 March) and Bordeaux (26 March), a fourth pre-selection event will be held in Lyon (3 and 4 April). These pre-selections are designed to assess drivers on their theoretical knowledge and their performance on routes planned in advance by the Renault Trucks teams. Winners will be chosen on the results of the theoretical tests and according to fuel consumption criteria, respect for the highway code and journey speed. These trials will result in the selection of 16 finalists - eight at the wheel of new Premium Optifuel vehicles and eight more at the wheel of used Premium Long Distance 460 hp Optifuel special edition vehicles.

The final will take place on Monday 22 April at the Nogaro track in the Gers departement. This edition is being sponsored by Emmanuel Collard, winner of the Michelin Green X Challenge in 2011 with the Pescarolo Team, who will be presenting the trophies to the winners at the end of the competition.

On 22 April, all competition finalists, the drivers and the company managers accompanying them, will be given the opportunity of riding in racing trucks with those who drive Renault Trucks vehicles: the Aravi, 14, Bouzigue, CCC and Blaise racing teams. They will also be invited to Lyon in June for the launch of the new Renault Trucks ranges.

In addition, drivers and managers of the companies winning the Optifuel Challenge France 2013 will be invited to the Renault Trucks VIP enclosure for the truck racing event in October at Le Mans.

Find out more about the Optifuel Challenge 2013 online: http://optifuelchallenge.renault-trucks.fr

A ground breaker and leader in the field of reducing fuel consumption for many years, Renault Trucks offers a global approach to this issue with its Optifuel Solutions and its commitment embodied in the All For Fuel Eco initiative. The Optifuel Challenge is a perfect illustration of this ongoing commitment.

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