Optifuel tour 2011 : season 3

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Optifuel tour 2011 : season 3

The Optifuel Tour still has the same aims: to spread the news about Renault Trucks' Optifuel solutions and demonstrate to hauliers the significant and immediate fuel savings it can deliver. After the success of the first two editions, the Renault Trucks caravan is setting off again on European roads with several vehicles including, of course, the Premium Optifuel and the Magnum. Always closely associated with Optifuel Programme, the Premium Optifuel 2011 is fitted with the Optiroll pack which makes maximum use of the vehicle's inertia, so that fuel consumption can be reduced by a further 1%. Between April and June, Optifuel Tour will be stopping in Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark and finally Germany.

For several years now, Renault Trucks Optifuel solutions have been clearly demonstrating their efficiency. Whatever their field of activity, the customers who choose them rapidly see an appreciable reduction in the "fuel expenses" section of their accounts. To make these advantages even more widely known and enable customers to test drive the vehicles for themselves, Renault Trucks will soon be heading out on European roads with the Optifuel Tour once again. This year, it will be visiting seven countries between April and June: Italy (early April), Romania (mid-April), Bulgaria (late April), Hungary (early May), Slovakia (early May), the Czech Republic (mid-May), Denmark (late May) and Germany (June). Mainly focused on Long Haul applications this year, Optifuel Tour will enable customers to try out a Premium Optifuel 460 hp on the road, as well as a Magnum 480 hp, both of which will be featuring the robotised Optidriver+ gearbox. 

Now, with Premium Optifuel 2011, Renault Trucks is making its lead in this field even greater by including the Optiroll pack in its offering. This pack includes new functionalities such as Optiroll and the Soft-Cruise Control while retaining the possibility of switching off the "power" mode. Coupled with the speed regulator, Optiroll automatically engages the Optidriver+ gearbox's "controlled freewheeling" function when rolling conditions are right for fuel saving, allowing it to make optimal use of the vehicle's inertia to reduce consumption.

There are now more than 300 companies that have signed up to the Optifuel Programme over the past three years, making this the highest selling fuel saving service in Europe. Optifuel Programme makes it possible to achieve sustainable fuel savings (with Optifuel Training, Optifuel Infomax and the Optifuel Programme Club) by means of tools that are easy to implement and very quickly cost effective. Suitable for companies of all sizes and in every sector of activity, this solution is very much one-of-a-kind, offering the best ROI available on the market today. 


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