Optifuel Solutions now available on the Renault Trucks construction range

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Optifuel Solutions now available on the Renault Trucks construction range

To coincide with the Intermat tradeshow at Villepinte, Renault Trucks is launching Optifuel Solutions for the Construction range, a set of tools and services designed to achieve fuel savings. This makes Renault Trucks the only manufacturer to offer such a comprehensive vehicle operating programme.

Renault Trucks is deeply committed to reducing fuel consumption and combating greenhouse gas emissions at a time of diminishing fossil energy resources and forecasts of climate change.
Renault Trucks is now enabling its vehicles' operators to further increase the gains they have already made by launching Optifuel Solutions on the Construction range, a constantly improved offering of complementary products and services:

Optifuel Technology
The Optidriver+ robotised gearbox is the ideal partner for DXi engines and the SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) system in controlling fuel consumption. For by shifting gears at engine speeds offering the lowest consumption, this can be reduced by as much as 3% compared with a manual gearbox. In the new Euro V range, Renault Trucks is now fitting the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox as standard on some Kerax models - making it the first manufacturer to make this kind of offer on worksite vehicles.
Apart from the Optidriver+ gearbox offer, additional improvements have been made to the Euro V models. These will also contribute to cutting consumption:
- engine: increases in power rating and torque combined with a new fan control as well as a controlled Turbo with Waste-Gate enable fuel consumption to be optimised even further.
- drive axle: a new double reduction drive axle.

Optifuel Infomax
A tool designed to measure and analyse vehicle operating data, Infomax enables vehicle use and fuel consumption to be closely monitored. This gives hauliers the arguments they need to show their drivers how they can drive more efficiently and make savings at the same time.

Optifuel Training
A programme of economic driving training for drivers and instructors is offered throughout all the countries in Europe, including Turkey. Renault Trucks has been able to meticulously measure this efficiency, particularly among its users - who speak very highly of it and the results it delivers. Some customers who volunteered to take part in a panel testing Optifuel Training have reported consumption savings of between 5 and 11% as a result of the instruction.
Optifuel Programme (Optifuel Training – Optifuel Infomax + Club Optifuel Programme)
A session of "in-house” training which includes installing the data management software (Optifuel Infomax) and guidance in how to use it followed by instruction in rational driving (Optifuel Training). This consists of a detailed presentation of the vehicle's features and the principles of rational driving before putting them into practice. Optifuel Programme has been available in France since 2007 and is currently being deployed throughout all countries in Europe (including Turkey).

Optifuel Programme Club
This offering is complemented by a subscription to the Optifuel Programme Club – an internet site providing practical and exclusive information. The advantage for company directors, fleet managers and in-house instructors, is that this gives them the opportunity of making the most out of the instruction they have received by ensuring it continues to be applied in the long term. The Club is only open to those who have subscribed to the Optifuel Programme offering.

The Optifuel Solutions programme will be extended to include other elements (lubricants, tyres, etc.) which will enable the proportion of hauliers’ operating costs taken up by fuel to be reduced even further.
For more information: www.renault-trucks.com/optifuel

The Intermat show was also an opportunity for Renault Trucks to present three new items:

• a new engine offering. Renault Kerax is now available with a choice of five engines (two DXi13 models: 480 hp and 520 hp and three DXi11 models: 380 hp, 430 hp and 460 hp). Premium Lander offers a choice of six engine configurations (DXi7: 270 hp, 310 hp and 340 hp; DXi11: 380 hp, 430 hp and 460 hp),

• a new 8x2*6 configuration on the Renault Premium Lander. This enables the payload to be increased by 500 kg. Manoeuvrability has also been improved, made possible by a 12.5% tighter turning radius and consumption is as much as 10% lower than that recorded by an 8x4 vehicle.

• the introduction of the Premium Lander 8x4 Extra-Light concrete mixer. By opting for single Goodyear 495/45 R 22.5 Omnitrac MSD tyres this vehicle also gains in payload for carrying ready-mix concrete in urban environments (250 kg more than by using Goodyear 315/80 R 22.5 tyres). It also offers improved cost efficiency (fewer round trips due to higher capacity and lower consumption).

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