Optifuel Solutions: a website to reduce fuel consumption

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Optifuel Solutions: a website to reduce fuel consumption

How can Renault Trucks Optifuel solutions help me save fuel? Are they right for my business? Do they really work? How do I go about putting them into practice? Do they guarantee long-term performance? Today, Renault Trucks is launching a new Optifuel solutions website to answer all these questions and more, so that road haulage companies can find out just how to cut company fuel costs. Available in 22 languages, the website at http://optifuel.renault-trucks.com clearly explains how the various Renault Trucks tools can be used to cut clients’ fuel bills, with plenty of interactive examples: for example, there’s a simulator that takes only a few seconds to calculate just how much can really be saved, and a range of customer companies of various sizes and from diverse sectors giving details of the savings they have made by using Optifuel solutions.

Renault Trucks has just launched its new Optifuel solutions website: http://optifuel.renault-trucks.com. Available in 22 languages, the website helps hauliers and fleet managers find out how they can use the Renault Trucks tools and services to cut down on fuel consumption. Simple to implement and easy to adapt to different activities, the solutions really do help to achieve significant, long-term reductions in the ‘fuel expenses’ section of company accounts. There’s a simulation right on the home page that takes only a few seconds to calculate just how much can really be saved, depending on number of vehicles, fuel used, and average annual mileage.

The aim of the website is to answer visitors’ queries with concrete, reliable information. In addition to a full set of FAQs, each page also offers key figures and a video presentation where hauliers will find the answers to their questions. And because the best examples come from people who have actually tried Optifuel solutions, a wide range of customers from many different countries and business sectors are shown giving video testimonials about the savings they have made since they started using Optifuel solutions.

The website has one section presenting an overview of the whole program (Optifuel Solutions), plus three more, each dedicated to a particular aspect of the Optifuel Solutions program (Optifuel Technology, Optifuel Programme, and Premium Optifuel).
After the general introduction (Optifuel solutions), comes a reminder of how Renault Trucks technology is designed to reduce consumption (Optifuel Technology), followed by a presentation of the services offered to support this reduction (Optifuel Programme), consisting of Renault Trucks rational driving training (Optifuel Training), how to use software to measure and analyse fuel consumption (Optifuel Infomax) and exclusive access to Club Optifuel Programme available on the countries website for a long-term customer support website.

Lastly, there is a special Premium Optifuel section, detailing the special ‘truck + service’ offer introduced by Renault Trucks in 2009, which was proven to result in average fuel savings of 6.4%, as certified by the TÜV Technical Inspection Association. Today’s version of the Renault Trucks Premium Optifuel service offers even greater fuel savings with its Optiroll pack, which uses the vehicle’s inertia to make an additional 1% saving in fuel consumption.

Aiming to reach as many European customers as possible, the website is available in 22 different languages: French, English, Czech, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Flemish, Slovenian, Croatian Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

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