Optifuel handover : measurable performance from the first kilometre

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Optifuel handover : measurable performance from the first kilometre

Renault Trucks Optifuel Solutions guarantees hauliers proven and certified reductions in consumption. A new expert truck handover service, provided by the French network and labelled the Optifuel Academy, now enables them to measure the savings they make as soon as they take to the road.

A handover dedicated to reducing consumption

Renault Trucks pays particular attention to the handover of each vehicle sold so that customers can take full advantage of it right from the very beginning. To prove this, since 2005, Renault Trucks has developed a specific function devoted to new vehicle handovers: the Vehicle Delivery Specialist (VDS). When the keys to a new vehicle are presented to the new owner, these experts, specially trained by Renault Trucks, spend two hours with customers, helping them become familiar with all their trucks' functions and teaching them how to operate them under optimal conditions.

Now, Renault Trucks is going one step further by offering an Optifuel handover so that customers can start saving fuel from day one.

The program involves initiating customers into using Renault Trucks' Optifuel Solutions to best advantage, reminding them of the reflexes they should adopt to save fuel, enabling them to assess their driving style with the Optifuel Infomax software and actually implementing the solutions during a trial run on the road. All of this takes place during a four hour session in the company of a specially trained Vehicle Delivery Specialist.

Training with the Optifuel Academy label

A successful handover cannot be undertaken lightly and the Optifuel Academy training program designed by Renault Trucks Formation France proves this point. The idea of applying a label to handovers focused on consumption saving was shared by Renault Trucks and its network. "We have noticed that our customers are becoming more and more receptive to rational driving training. So we had the idea of talking to them about it right from the start - during the handover process, because that is when customers are particularly prepared to pay attention to us," explains Pascal, a driving instructor with the Lenormant group, which has worked in partnership with the Renault Trucks to validate this specific training program."Having VDS personnel specifically trained in reducing consumption is therefore a great advantage for us - and for our customers!" he continues.

Available with two levels of proficiency, this program is devoted to the VDS teams. The first level concerns basic theoretical training, enabling them to carry out conventional handovers. The second level entitles them to the Optifuel VDS label: to earn this, the Vehicle Delivery Specialists follow a four-day theoretical and practical programme certifying their acquisition of the technical, operational and instructional skills required to initiate customers into the basic precepts of rational driving on their new vehicle.

In December 2011, the first VDS trainees were presented with their Optifuel Academy diplomas and are now qualified to carry out Optifuel handovers. In particular, these included Vehicle Delivery Specialists from the Berthier Group (Besançon), from Renault Trucks Nancy and from Faurie (Brives). Didier, a Faurie team manager who trained as an engine builder, explains what he got out of the training: "Due to my original background, I have always been particularly interested in fuel consumption. This program provides genuine expertise in driving, consumption and how parts are subject to wear. I can now more efficiently attract my customers' attention to factors which contribute to reducing their vehicles’ fuel consumption. As an Optifuel VDS, I will also be able to give added value to our sales advisers so as to improve the vehicle's configuration according to the customer right from the outset."

Some 20 Vehicle Delivery Specialists will be trained in 2012, to allow a maximum number of customers to benefit from Renault Trucks' expertise in fuel savings as soon as they take to the road.



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