Optifleet : for real time fleet monitoring

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Optifleet : for real time fleet monitoring

On the highly competitive road haulage market, being able to steer activities in realtime and keep a tight rein on the most important costs offers an undeniable economic advantage. To help customers with their day-to-day operations, Renault Trucks offers Optifleet - the on-board IT solution for realtime fleet management and monitoring. It enables hauliers to increase their cost-effectiveness while at the same time reducing operating costs as well as building their own customers' satisfaction. With Optifleet, operators can geo-locate their vehicles in realtime, consult technical data remotely, keep track of their drivers' activities as well as download, and then archive, data from drivers' cards and tachographs more easily. Optifleet also gives drivers the possibility of communicating directly with their depot via electronic messaging.

Simple to use and set up, Optifleet is an on-board "turnkey" IT solution offering secured access via an Internet portal from any computer. It is free of any time commitment and comes with one day's training on the customer's premises. There are currently 34 customers using Optifleet, which is made up of four modules so that this solution can be adapted to each haulier's needs.

The first module ("Map") manages a geo-location function based on Google MapAPI Premier cartography. It enables operators to know the exact position of their vehicles in realtime and analyse the route they have taken. This makes it possible to optimise rounds, avoid "parasitic" kilometres and give customers greater satisfaction by, for example, informing them of estimated delivery times. The second module, supplying technical data ("Check") enables each driver's consumption to be monitored so that kilometrage costs can be reduced, particularly for fleets with different makes of vehicle. Optifleet also allows operators to give their customers an environmental report (CO2, Nox emissions, etc.) relating to the transport of their goods.

Apart from allowing operators to consult their drivers' activities in realtime, Optifleet now makes it possible to comply with tachograph regulations and save time with the "Drive" module. This gives operators the possibility of programming remote downloads of data from the tachograph's on-board memory and the driver's card, which are initially stored on the Renault Trucks server.

Drivers are also assisted in their assignment via an interface incorporated into the dashboard that uses a wireless keyboard. This "Link" module enables them to communicate by e-mail with their operator, consult the details of their activity and transfer GPS coordinates of delivery points received from their depot to the PL GarminDezl navigation system (option). This module also makes it possible to maintain communication between operators and drivers in realtime - with a written record - so that quality transport assignments can be carried out at the lowest cost and in the fastest time for customers.

By means of these four customisable modules, operators and drivers can get the most out of their vehicles, respond quickly to unforeseen events and generate even greater loyalty among their own customers. Each service is subject to a monthly subscription per vehicle, totalling between €20 and €60 according to the combination of modules chosen. The communications box which gives access to the first three modules is fitted as standard in France without any increase in the price of the vehicle.

All subscriptions include one day of instruction and training provided by an Optifleet specialist, on the customer's premises. The tool requires no IT investment, only an Internet connection. Web portal maintenance ensures 24/7 accessibility. The monthly subscription, with no time commitment, includes unlimited communications throughout Europe, automatic updates and a free hotline.

Available for all Renault Trucks commercial vehicles, and those produced by other manufacturers, Optifleet is currently available in France, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It will subsequently become available in other countries.

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