New Renault Trucks Euro 5 range: cleaner, higher-performance vehicles

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New Renault Trucks Euro 5 range: cleaner, higher-performance vehicles

The switch to Euro 5 is an opportunity for Renault Trucks to upgrade its product ranges dedicated to the Distribution, Construction and Long Distance businesses (over 6 tons). Also it is an opportunity to offer its customers solutions which are closer to their requirements in terms of fuel economy and power. Renault Trucks’ Euro 5 trucks have therefore succeeded a double whammy of being cleaner with enhanced performance.

Distribution range
With Midlum and Premium Distribution (GVW 7.5 to 26 tons), Renault Trucks is offering its customers a complementary product range which meets their main expectations linked to the distribution business (task-specific, profitable vehicles which work well in the urban environment by combining working comfort and safety).

The Midlum is now available in 75 different configurations in rigid truck (from 7.5 to 18 tons) and a choice of engines ranging from 180 to 300hp (DXi5: 180 to 220hp and DXi7: 270 to 300hp). The optimisation of those engines has produced a high-performance product range in terms of power and torque. For example, the Euro 5 180hp DXi5 achieves a torque rating of 660Nm, which is close to the Euro 4 engine version with its 10 extra horsepower.

On the gearbox side, so as to meet increasing demands for robotised gearboxes, Optitronic is now available on the Dxi5 and DXi7. This gearbox and its smooth ride is much appreciated by its users and offers fuel consumption gains of up to 7% compared to an equivalent vehicle equipped with a manual gearbox. i.e. €750 savings per year when the truck covers 60,000km.
Lower fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions with enhanced security with all-disc EBS (electronic breaking system) fitted as standard.

All Renault Premium Distribution engines have been upgraded in terms of power and torque: 270hp, 310hp, 340hp (DXi7), 380hp, 430hp and 460hp (DXi11).
The Premium Distribution Euro 5 offers a new generation of robotised gearboxes (Optitronic on DXi7 and Optidriver+ on DXi11) and a new manual ZF 16-gear gearbox. With Optidriver+, the Premium Distribution reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 3% compared to a vehicle with a manual gearbox.

Construction range
3 years after its launch, the Kerax range now meets 95% of its customers’ business requirements. Renault Trucks intends to broaden this range by building new configurations and transport solutions in order to better satisfy its customers. By way of proof, it is offering the robotised Optidriver Plus gearbox as standard on certain models of the Kerax range, making Renault Trucks the first manufacturer to apply this technology to worksite vehicles.

Designed for works and even the most treacherous worksites, Kerax had upgraded its engine range and now has five engine versions: two DXi13s: 480 and 520hp and three DXi11s: 380, 430 and 460hp.
Two new gearboxes are available: the 16-gear manual gearbox or the 12-gear robotised (Optidriver+) gearbox.

As a unique vehicle in its genre on the market and especially designed for worksite delivery and approach, Renault Premium Lander has increased the power of its Euro 5 engines. Customers will be able to choose between six engine configurations. For the DXi7: 270, 310 and 340hp, for the DXi11: 380, 430 and 460hp.
Persisting with the idea of giving maximum options to its customers, Premium Lander is now offering a new 8 x 2*6 profile. This increases payload by 500kg and offers fuel consumption gains of up to 10% compared to an equivalent manual gearbox vehicle and better handling thanks to a 12.5% tighter turning circle. Also of note is the emergence of the Premium Lander 8 x 4 Extra-Light Mixer. Thanks to its Goodyear Omnitrack MSD wheel mount, it also gains in payload for the transportation of concrete in the urban context (250kg).

The mechanical ZF and robotised Optidriver+ gearboxes have been enhanced to better meet the reliability demands of our customers.

Long Distance range
On the long haul market, our customers want to reduce their fuel consumption but not at the expense of commercial speed; Renault Trucks has achieved this.

With the switch to Euro 5, the Premium Long Distance’s DXi11 engine has increased its power ratings with three options: 380, 430 and 460hp. By way of example, the 430hp Premium Long Distance Euro 5 has a torque level which is very close to the Euro 4 450hp Premium Long Distance.

At the same time, thanks to a new gear range and powertrain enhancements, consumption is down 1% (460hp Euro 5 compared to 450hp Euro 4), i.e. an annual gain of over €400 per truck (on the basis of 120,000km).
Finally, it is interesting to note that the interior of the cab has evolved, for better driver comfort and easier maintenance.

Magnum, the emblematic vehicle of Renault Trucks, has also increased its engine power ratings. Three versions are available on the DXi13: 440, 480 and 520hp.
Thanks to these improvements to the DXi13 engine, diesel consumption added to AdBlue Euro 5 remains at the same level as for Euro 4.
The Optidriver Plus robotised gearbox is now standard on the 480 and 520hp and contributes to fuel consumption gains up to 3% compared to a Euro 4 vehicle with a manual gearbox. This comes out to around €1,500 per year (for 150,000km).
The switch from one standard to another was an opportunity to improve the vehicle’s commercial speed by gaining torque at lower engine speeds and improving breaking thanks in particular to even higher performance hydraulic retarders.
Also of note are the new high-capacity fuel tanks (1,455 litres) allowing drivers to stop for fuel less often and in those petrol stations or countries where diesel is cheapest.

For all the ranges, some vehicles have been or will be sold in compliance with the Enhanced Environmental Vehicle (EEV) qualification. EEV is an environmental requirement whose criteria in terms of emissions (pollutants, particulates, greenhouse gases and unburned hydrocarbons) are even more stringent than the Euro 5 standard. This qualification now receives grants in Germany and Holland (details on the availability of EEV qualification in appendix).

In terms of services, Renault Trucks deploys its Optifuel programme range for sustainable fuel savings thanks to the optimisation of driving styles through the company’s Rational Driving training course (Optifuel training) and real-time monitoring with Optifuel Infomax diagnostic tools.
With Optifuel Programme, Renault Trucks is transferring all its know-how and tools to help hauliers reduce their operating costs and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Working closely with professionals who are experts in their fields, Renault Trucks has designed a wide range of trucks which can be broken down into small families. Apart from the Distribution, Construction and Long Distance ranges, the French truck manufacturer is marketing a Delivery range (Master, Mascott and Maxity), which includes the recent addition of the Renault Trafic in certain European countries. All its vehicles meet specific requirements, whether they are involved in delivery, distribution, long-haul, construction, services, the environment, trade or the contractor market. From the light-commercial vehicle to long-haul, from 2.8 to 120 tons, in the towns and on the main roads, from forests to worksites, the Renault Trucks range offers everybody increasingly energy-efficient solutions that are getting cleaner and cleaner. 

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