NavTruck, the only handheld GPS for HGVs

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NavTruck, the only handheld GPS for HGVs

At one time or another, all truck drivers have come up against a wrongly signposted bridge or road. All they can do under such circumstances is turn back, under conditions that can be very difficult, or even dangerous. To cope with such extreme inconveniences, Renault Trucks now offers them the opportunity of downloading its new NavTruck application onto their iPhone - the only GPS specifically dedicated to Heavy Goods Vehicles. Following the launch of a first European version, this application is now available in "country" versions for drivers largely operating in a particular region or country. Those first concerned are France, the UK and Italy. Once the vehicle's configuration has been entered into the system, drivers will be given a route made up solely of the safest roads and those they are allowed to use. Making this a genuine revolution in the world of HGV transport.

iPhones and other Smartphones are currently in the process of revolutionising road transport. For they now allow drivers to stay connected to Internet at all times. It was therefore with them in mind that Renault Trucks has been developing various applications aiming to help them in their everyday work. NavTruck was the first of these to be launched. It is the only GPS application dedicated to HGVs available for the iPhone and Android. Introduced last April with a cartography covering all of Europe, it can now be obtained on a single country scale for drivers with mainly regional or national assignments. The first countries to be covered are France, the UK and Italy. The application is available from the App Store and Android for €99.99. In France, it can be downloaded for a special introductory price of €89.99.
By acquiring the NavTruck application, drivers can be sure of having not only a GPS application with them at all times, but one which is specifically geared to their needs, providing them with invaluable assistance for their everyday work. Once their truck's characteristics have been entered into the system (size, weight, number of axles, goods carried, etc.), NavTruck maps out the quickest and safest route compatible with their truck. As a result, drivers are less stressed and more efficient.

The road haulage industry has been undergoing rapid modernisation over the last few years, and the introduction of mobile Internet in drivers' everyday lives is a revolution on a par with that brought about by the Web in office environments. This is why Renault Trucks aims to help them as much as possible, by supplying applications capable of satisfying their wants and needs. This is certainly true of NavTruck, but also of Deliver Eye which enables a photo to be taken and geo-tagged to justify a delay or damaged sustained to goods. While to help drivers relax, Renault Trucks also offers two more entertaining applications: Renault Trucks Racing, which puts them at the wheel of a racing truck and the Drivers' Photo Album, a photo gallery of trucks built up by the truckers themselves. This approach will be maintained for the upcoming Smartphone applications that Renault Trucks will be bringing out in the course of 2011.

NavTruck France is available here
NavTruck UK is available here
NavTruck Italy is available here


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