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Less than one year after the Renault Trucks - MKR Technology team was formed, it succeeded in carrying off the European Truck Racing Championship Team crown. Renault Trucks has decided to raise awareness of this event throughout Europe via a major communications campaign. Stage one consists of two print advertisements in the trade and general interest press. The first highlights the team's championship title, while the second focuses on the high technology involved in Truck Racing, emphasising the values expressed by competition driving that Renault Trucks upholds with such determination, backed by the claim "Renault Trucks, driving victory".

On 3 October 2010, the Renault Trucks - MKR Technology team won the European team crown at the end of the 9th and last race of the season, 27 points ahead of their closest rival.

The source of Renault Trucks' involvement in truck racing.

"Commitment", "honesty" and "customer intimacy", are the three core values which Renault Trucks defends. Its involvement in Truck Racing is a concrete illustration of customer intimacy: highly popular in the truck world (with owner-drivers, hauliers, etc.), this motorsport allows the manufacturer to forge close ties with its customers and share its passion for the discipline with them. Throughout the 2010 season, Renault Trucks subsidiaries have set up a stand at each racetrack to welcome customers, prospects and the general public. Almost 4,000 of them were invited during the various racing weekends.

For Renault Trucks, this discipline is also an excellent means of raising its profile and enhancing its image among members of the general public, particularly since truck racing fans maintain their keen enthusiasm for these events from season to season. Over 500,000 fans met up on the tracks in 2010, including almost 200,000 at the famous Nürburgring in Germany and over 51,000 at the Le Mans 24-hour Truck Race. Furthermore, with eight Grand Prix events in 2009, nine in 2010 and ten next season, public awareness of the sport and spectator numbers are both steadily climbing.


European Champion 2010!

The first advertising, which appeared immediately after the team won the European Truck Racing Championship, celebrates the victory. On the track, the two Premium Racetrucks driven by Markus Oestreich and Markus Bösiger, cross the finishing line side by side. They won together and they cross the line together!


The DXi 13 Racing: from a technological showcase to an engine "driving victory"

The French manufacturer's involvement in Truck Racing gives it a real technological showcase. For its customers of course, but also for the general public! The DXi13 Racing, the 13 L engine supplied to the team by Renault Trucks, has the reputation of being one of the best in the discipline. This is confirmed by the team's recent victory.

Carrying off this European Championship will enable Renault Trucks to project the excellent image of a winning engine to owner-drivers and all its current and future customers, since the Renault Magnum comes equipped with the "production" version of the DXi 13. In other words, this is an engine that wins on the track as it does on the road!

The image evoked by sport in general and motorsports in particular is positive and enhances brand value. Renault Trucks' victory also offers a unique opportunity to associate its vehicles with the values upheld by the competition – since a search for perfection and pushing the boundaries of personal performance is totally in line with the brand's philosophy.   

From now on, this powerful approach is being expressed in the second advertisement which features the "Renault Trucks, driving victory" claim.


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