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10 days after being crowned European champions, the full Renault Trucks - MKR Technology team set up its paddock at the French truck manufacturer's headquarters, opposite the Saint-Priest company restaurant. This gave staff members the opportunity of meeting and talking to Mario Kress, the team manager, and the two drivers, Markus Oestreich and Markus Bösiger, who were also available to sign autographs. This made for a unique and very pleasant lunch break, during which everyone could really appreciate their company's commitment to Truck Racing.

Several hundred staff members turned up on Wednesday 13 October to get a close look at the racing trucks (Premium Racers packing more than 1,000 hp of power!) and the whole team paddock specially set up for the occasion in the car park. Many took photos, while others asked questions about technical details or got autographs signed. But everyone was impressed by the trucks themselves and the stand's logistics. "We're used to reading the Monday morning race reports on the intranet," said one staff member from the cab design department. "But I'm very pleased to be able to see the actual trucks and drivers for myself. This makes it all much more real." Motorsports enthusiasts were the first to go and get a really close look at the racing trucks. "I know a few of the engine designers who worked on this project, here at Saint-Priest. So I’d often heard about these trucks, but never seen them for real. They really are very impressive!"

At the end of the season's nine Grand Prix races which took place in Europe (with two of them in France on the Nogaro and Le Mans tracks), the Renault Trucks MKR team won the European Truck Racing Championship with a total of 712 points. In the driver rankings, Swiss Markus Bösiger finished 2nd, and German Markus Oestreich, 4th.

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