Maxity gets a new lease of life with new gearboxes, a particle filter and greater onboard comfort

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Maxity gets a new lease of life with new gearboxes, a particle filter and greater onboard comfort

Maxity is the delivery van in its element in an urban setting. With the coming of May, Maxity renews its range with a series of new features: robotised six-gear box for improved productivity, particle filter for greater respect of the environment and new seats for even more comfort.

Specially designed for in-city deliveries, Maxity has won over professionals looking for a maximum work load in a minimum amount of space for urban trips. With a more clearly defined commercial offer as well as greater comfort and new features, Maxity is sure to attract new customers.

Redesigned seats for improved comfort

 The base and back of Maxity’s seats have been redesigned and their foam strengthened for greater comfort thanks to improved support and body wrap. In addition, the passenger seat folds away to provide extra space and an extremely useful shelf for storing a whole range of objects. All these improvements contribute to the driver’s comfort and improve his/her daily working environment.

A robotised gearbox for an easier ride

 Much in demand with professionals, the six-speed robotised gearbox is at last available  on  the  Maxity. It not  only does  away  with  the  need  for  frequent  gear changes (especially in town), it also delivers substantially better fuel consumption and an incomparably smooth ride. It comes with two essential safety features: ABS and EHS (Easy Hill Start). The gearbox is available on the 150 HP versions of the Dxi3 engine.

A manual gearbox with more amenable gear changes

 For staunch manual gearbox fans, Renault Trucks offers a 5-speed box with an entirely revised design. The gear synchro has been changed for reduced effort and greater comfort when changing gear. In on-site trials, test drivers reported a real gain in day to day driving thanks to this new solution.

A particle filter meeting Low Emission Zone requirements

 Available with the 150 HP Dxi3 engine, the filter reduces emissions of particles generated by the diesel engine and makes it more environment-friendly. Thus equipped, Maxity attains emission levels equivalent to Euro 5 standards and can therefore enter regulated Low Emission Zones reserved for low-pollution vehicles.

 To sum up: with all these new features, Maxity not only provides a maximum work load in the minimum amount of space, it also brings further improvements to its dynamic qualities and thus the working conditions for the driver at the wheel. In short, Maxity consolidates its position as the ideal partner for deliveries in an urban environment!

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