Magnum Legend: a celebration

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Magnum Legend: a celebration

Acknowledged to be a legendary vehicle by customers and truck enthusiasts, the Renault Trucks Magnum's 20th anniversary was certainly something to commemorate. After various celebrations at Magny Cours and Le Mans, Renault Trucks is now unveiling a special "Magnum Legend" edition. This packs all the very latest technological advances the vehicle can offer in terms of performance and fuel savings. Echoing the black and white colours of its ancestor, the AE, it is tying up with another legend - this one from the silver screen and motor racing - Steve McQueen. Enthusiasts should note that this highly exclusive special edition will be limited to 99 vehicles, all of them individually numbered!

Truck of the Year in 1991 and constantly improved with each generation, the Renault Trucks Magnum has now become a legend. Apart from its spacious cab totally dedicated to the driver's needs, its imposing lines and on-road performance have made it a firm favourite with truckers and the brand's customers. In fact, all those who drive or operate the Magnum truck have a particularly strong bond with the vehicle. It was therefore with them in mind that Renault Trucks decided to launch the Magnum Legend - a special edition limited to 99 vehicles only.

With elegant discretion, this special edition comes dressed in a matte black finish for the technical platform contrasting with a pure white cab. Connoisseurs will recognise these to be the colours of the AE, the Magnum's ancestor unveiled to the public for the first time in 1991. The Magnum Legend further states its prestigious credentials with an upmarket finish including aluminium passenger and driver step trims as well as chrome plated nut caps and hubcaps. The doors, again echoing the first AEs, feature a plate bearing the official serial number, to enhance the owner's pride of having such a unique vehicle.
This exclusiveness can also be found inside the cab with its totally designer atmosphere, combining elegance with tasteful understatement created by the use of noble materials. The driver is welcomed by leather upholstery featuring the Magnum Legend logo and the truck's serial number. The dashboard trim and the bunk are also in leather. The specific matte black colour also reappears on the dashboard.

From a technical point of view, the Magnum Legend is the culmination of all the new features introduced on the vehicle throughout its career. Its cab, its comfort and consumption have been continually improved over the years. So that now, Magnum Legend is not only offered with the most powerful engine in the range – the DXi 13 520 hp - but it also complies with the EEV standard, currently the most exacting in terms of pollutant emissions for road transport. Optimised to deliver even greater fuel consumption savings, it features the Optidriver+ gearbox and the Optiroll pack which makes maximum use of the vehicle's inertia. In terms of safety, the vehicle comes with the best possible braking as standard, i.e.: full EBS and a Voith hydraulic retarder.
When the vehicle is delivered, the fortunate driver of this limited edition landmark Magnum will be presented with an iPad 2 which will, for example, allow him to benefit from the full HD version of the Renault Trucks Racing videogame recently made available for the iPad. This "driver pack" also includes a 1/43 scale model of his vehicle.

For its promotional campaign, this Magnum Legend is also being associated with another legend: Steve McQueen. A huge enthusiast of motorsports and everything automotive, Steve McQueen made his mark on the cinema with his appearances in the movies Le Mans and Bullit. The integrity and charismatic appeal he had throughout his career are perfectly in phase with the image projected by the Magnum.

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