During Cape-to-Cape’s visit to Saint Petersburg, TranKo confirms an order for 70 Renault Premium Long Distance trucks

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During Cape-to-Cape’s visit to Saint Petersburg, TranKo confirms an order for 70 Renault Premium Long Distance trucks

The Cape-to-Cape Keraxes and Sherpas arrived in Saint Petersburg on March 10th, just 10 days after their departure from North Cape. At an event organised by the local Renault Trucks subsidiary for the expedition’s visit, TranKo confirmed an order for 70 Premium Long Distance trucks to be delivered by Renault Trucks during the first half of 2009, on top of the 50 already delivered in 2008. That means that over half of their fleet will be Renault Trucks vehicles. TranKo is one of the leaders on the Russian national container carrier market.

TranKo, a specialist in container transport throughout Russia, confirmed its order for 70 Renault Premium Long Distance 4x2s during the Cape-to-Cape convoy’s visit. With GVW (total loaded weight) of 19 tons, these trucks will be fitted with 380hp Euro3 engines. With a twin-berth cab, air conditioning and all the driver needs for maximum driving comfort under the safest possible conditions, these Premium Long Distance vehicles are real multi-taskers.
In 2009, the 70 Premium Long Distance trucks will bolster a TranKo fleet that already counts 50 Renault Trucks vehicles delivered in 2008. This will take this up-to-the-minute fleet over the 200-vehicle mark, making it the market leader in container transport in Russia.

For TranKo, one of the criteria of choice was Renault Trucks’ after-sales network in Russia. Numbers of outlets and quality have been improved further over the past three years. Now, over 30 service outlets operate throughout the country. The urgent delivery of parts from the central warehouse in Moscow, which carried over 15,000 references, reduces downtime and optimises vehicle use.

The Director of RentruckTrade, Renault Trucks’ dealership for the North-West of Russia, explains “We have done all we can to satisfy our customer’s needs: commercially, in the vehicle hand-over phase and in the availability of parts. We are now able to build a truly win-win partnership with them”. RentruckTrade, Renault Trucks’ dealership in Saint Petersburg since 2003, runs a workshop that can handle over 25 vehicles per day. The complex also has 2 repair workshops and a bodyshop. The dealership manages a spare parts stock of some 5,000 references.

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