Less noise and less pollution - Carrefour and logistician ID Logistics opt for the Renault Trucks hybrid vehicle

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Less noise and less pollution - Carrefour and logistician ID Logistics opt for the Renault Trucks hybrid vehicle

Renault Trucks has just presented the keys for a 26 t hybrid truck to logistician ID Logistics which will operate it on behalf of the Carrefour outlets in the Marseilles and Nice town centres. Powered by Diesel and electricity, this hybrid truck operates silently in all-electric mode and cuts consumption and polluting emissions by 20%.

A third Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech was delivered to logistician ID Logistics at the end of January who will be operating it in Marseilles and Nice on behalf of Carrefour. With this move, the logistician, who has signed the ADEME (environment and energy control agency) charter, is marking its commitment to sustainable development and alternative energies. The Carrefour town centre stores in Marseilles and Nice (Carrefour City, Carrefour Contact and Marché+) are now supplied by means of a hybrid Renault Trucks vehicle. Since the end of January, the logistician ID Logistics has been working with a 26t 6x2 310 hp Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech. It carries out these assignments from the Carrefour Salon-de-Provence warehouse on behalf of the retail store chain. "These deliveries to town centre shops in the South of France will be carried out by the largest hybrid vehicle available," Carrefour explains.

Hybrid technology is particularly suitable for food distribution in urban or periurban environments. Apart from an appreciable saving in consumption which can be as high as 20%, by using the all-electric mode, it also significantly cuts noise levels for those living in the vicinity of its operations. For the Premium Hybrys Tech delivered to the logistician ID Logistics is fitted with a Frappa refrigerated body compliant with PIEK label standards. Emitting no more than 74 dB when in all-electric mode - the equivalent of two people talking in low voices - there is no risk of this innovative vehicle waking people up when it passes by! The major French retail group is therefore now thinking about planning early morning deliveries.

The principle of hybridisation developed by Renault Trucks is straightforward: the vehicle's kinetic energy is recovered during braking or deceleration phases to be transformed into electricity. This energy is stored in the traction batteries - which can therefore operate fully independently without any need of being recharged - and used to power the electric motor. The vehicle starts in electric mode and when it reaches a speed of around 20 km/h, the Diesel engine takes over. It is therefore only used in the phases where it consumes the least, i.e. other than in the start-up phase.

This Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech is the third of its kind to operate on behalf of the Carrefour Group. Since October, some of the deliveries to Group store chains (Carrefour City, 8 à huit or Marché +) in Lille are carried out by a 26 t 310 hp Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech fitted with a body including a cryogenic refrigeration unit using liquid nitrogen. In June, a 19 t 310 hp Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech was already on the streets of the French capital, also supplying Carrefour Group outlets.

About Carrefour

Putting this third hybrid vehicle into service to supply Carrefour Group stores is in line with the retail group's overall approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with goods transport. One third of its imported products are carried using multi modal means, i.e. via waterways or rail depending on warehouse location. The store chain has also optimised truck loading and developed multiple supplier consolidation centres. Carrefour is currently in the process of equipping its truck fleet with less polluting engines like hybrid trucks and has set up a fleet of quiet running vehicles to supply its urban outlets. There are currently more than 250 shops throughout the country receiving deliveries from 100 quiet running trucks with PIEK certification.

About Id Logistics

Logistician ID Logistics has branches all over the country and carries out more than 430,000 deliveries every year. Its partnership with the ADEME will enable the performance of the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech to be certified during its deliveries on behalf of Carrefour. At the same time, the logistician is continuing its work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by making its fleet of 289 vehicles compliant with the latest standards, training its drivers in economic driving and optimising vehicle loads to reduce empty journeys as much as possible.


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