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Following on from last year's Renault Trucks Optifuel Tour, the 2010 edition in France was once again designed to show customers how Optifuel Solutions could help them reduce their fuel consumption. During its six stages (in Strasbourg, Vierzon, Bourg-en-Bresse, Carmaux, Bordeaux and Toulouse), more than 500 customers came to test the nine vehicles on display and judge for themselves the sustainable savings in consumption offered by the manufacturer's solutions. The various tools, Optifuel Programme, Optifuel Training and Optifuel Infomax, are in fact able to deliver consumption savings of as much as 15% with certain drivers. Customers were quick to realise these potential benefits since in addition to heightened interest, this second edition also saw sales of Optifuel Solutions really take off.

The Renault Trucks Optifuel tour 2010 attracted almost 500 customers and 30 dealers between April and June 2010. The caravan stopped in Strasbourg (67), Vierzon (18), Bourg-en-Bresse (01), Carmaux (81), Bordeaux (33) and Toulouse (31). At each of these stages, customers were able to take part in technical workshops to discover the various aspects of Renault Trucks' Optifuel solutions, the interest they have and the ease with which they can be implemented. They were then able to form their own opinions via a series of tests carried out on roads or in quarries using nine different vehicles. These were from both the Distribution range (Midlum, Premium Distribution), Long Haul (Premium Long Distance, Magnum) and the Construction range (Premium Lander tractor and rigid, Kerax 8x4 and 6x4). All vehicles concerned were fitted with robotised gearboxes. Altogether, more than 600 test drives were carried out in the course of the Tour's 2010 edition.

Optifuel Solutions (Optifuel Technology and Optifuel Programme) covers all the complementary tools the manufacturer offers its customers to reduce the proportion of their operating costs allocated to "fuel". This is a fully comprehensive offering, unique on the market.

Optifuel Technology incorporates the best of Renault Trucks' technology related to fuel savings, including SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox, automatic engine stop and the Euro V DXi 11 and DXi 13 engines, as well as dedicated fuel consumption reducing accessories such as side deflectors and roof deflectors that can be easily adjusted without tools.  

Optifuel Programme. This comprehensive programme of services gives operators all the tools and expertise they need to make immediate and sustainable fuel savings.  It consists of instruction in rational driving (Optifuel Training), measurement software (Optifuel Infomax) and access to an exclusive Internet site (the Club Optifuel Programme). Optifuel Programme is now the most cost-efficient solution on the market for generating sustainable fuel savings. It has been developed for the Long Distance, Construction and Distribution ranges. It is designed for companies of all sizes operating in all fields. Renault Trucks makes this offer available throughout Europe. There are now 300 companies of all sizes - representing as many as 14,000 drivers - which have chosen the Optifuel Programme in Europe and therefore enjoy its distinctive advantages: a reduction in consumption of up to 15% for an entire fleet.

The gains made by hauliers associated with the Optifuel Programme can also lead to their insurance premiums being reduced. This is the case, for example, with the Green Miles® offer from AXA France. This aims at rewarding companies equipped with or planning to equip their vehicles with an on-board electronic fleet management system such as Renault Trucks' Optifuel Infomax. In order to qualify, the haulier must therefore be equipped with a system capable of measuring each vehicle's average consumption per 100 km, and a total fleet of between 5 and 50 vehicles. By joining this programme, hauliers benefit from an immediate reduction in their insurance premium of up to 5% when they subscribe to the offer. An additional 7 to 10% reduction for the following year can be obtained if it can be proved that fuel consumption has been reduced by at least 5%.
The success enjoyed by the Optifuel Tour 2010 and its extension across Europe with 15 additional stages emphasises Renault Trucks' determination to be a leader in the field of fuel savings and offer its customers sustainable and efficient means of reducing the proportion of their operating costs devoted to "fuel".

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