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Renault Trucks used its stand at the Hanover International Motor Show to focus attention on two key areas: cutting fuel consumption and encouraging the use of alternative energies. Altogether, the show attracted 241,500 visitors, including customers and journalists, who were given a special preview of the OptiTrack, Renault Trucks' temporary all-wheel drive. They were also able to learn more about Optifuel Solutions which delivers consumption savings of up to 15%, the CleanTech vehicles using alternative energies and also the Renault Premium Long Distance, confirmed by the "Fehrenkötter" test to be the market champion in terms of fuel savings and low maintenance costs. On the sales side, Renault Trucks was able to add 852 vehicles to its order book, which is 16% up on the numbers ordered during the Show's last edition in 2008.

The 2010 edition of the Hanover International Motor Show was particularly successful for Renault Trucks, which was highlighting its achievements in reducing consumption and the use of alternative energies. In 15 days, the exhibition welcomed 241,500 visitors. Renault trucks handed out 700 press kits to journalists and took orders for more than 850 vehicles as well as signing some 20 rental contracts. Visitors particularly appreciated the opportunity to try out the racing truck simulators on which they could play the 2010 version of the Truck Racing by Renault Trucks videogame (which can still be downloaded free of charge on, the visit from the official Renault Trucks - MKR Technology team drivers as well as the highly expressive display put on by the breakdance dancers from the FanatiX troupe which put on a show close to the trucks every hour.

For this edition, Renault Trucks put the spotlight on its solutions for reducing fuel consumption and the use of alternative energies which it is developing.

Given its world premiere at the show, the OptiTrack system is in line with this approach by enabling vehicles to benefit from all-wheel drive on a temporary basis. This is provided by two hydraulic motors fitted into the wheel hubs, which - at the touch of a button on the dashboard - allow the vehicle to shift from a 4x2 mode to a 4x4 mode up to a speed of 30 km an hour. This permits the vehicle to get out of a difficult situation or negotiate rough terrain. It is a solution which will be particularly attractive to customers who use roads for the major part of their round, but have to make deliveries to some locations on rough ground.

For long haul applications, the Renault Premium Long Distance was the star of the show, having won the Fehrenkötter test. Jointly organised by the German magazine Transaktuel and the haulier Fehrenkötter, this consisted of comparing seven trucks from the seven manufacturers selling on the European market over a period of three years under actual operating conditions. At the end of this time, the Premium Long Distance was declared the winner for being the vehicle with the lowest consumption and the lowest operating costs.

Renault Trucks also presented all of its Optifuel Solutions for significantly and sustainably reducing consumption. These combine Optifuel Technology which covers the best of Renault Trucks technology (SCR, Optitronic or Optidriver+ robotised gearboxes, automatic engine cutout, etc.) and Optifuel Programme, itself made up of three different elements which Renault Trucks considers must be used together to deliver genuine fuel savings: instruction in economic driving (Optifuel Training), fuel monitoring and driving style analysis software (Optifuel Infomax) and the Club Optifuel Programme. This comprehensive offering is unique on the market. It brings sustainable and appreciable savings in consumption of up to 15% with certain drivers, as well as savings in terms of maintenance and accidentology. There are currently over 300 companies of all sizes which have chosen the Optifuel Programme - for a total of some 14,000 drivers.

Long committed to research into and the development of alternative solutions to all-diesel, for the first time at the Hanover show, Renault Trucks presented the new label which will be used to identify its vehicles that use alternative propulsion technologies: Clean Tech. Written in white against a blue background, this label will be applied to all Renault Trucks vehicles using 100% electrical energy, hybrid technology or natural gas. The manufacturer also presented its Maxity electric which will come onto the market in 2011 and the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech, currently being operated by Coca-Cola Enterprise Belgium in the streets of Brussels.

The IAA show was also an opportunity for Renault Trucks to launch its new Start&Drive centralised servicing and repair contract offers on the German market. These are for customers who want to keep their servicing budget under control over the long-term and benefit from maximum availability for their vehicles.

Finally, in a dominant position at the centre of the stand, was the Renault Trucks - MKR Technology Premium Racetruck that had competed in the European Truck Racing Championship. One week after the show, the team won the European Championship crown - in the very first year of their partnership! An outstanding performance in an increasingly keenly contested championship which becomes more and more technically demanding with every year that passes. The result of cooperation and shared ambition between Renault trucks and MKR Technology, this title is much more than a single achievement for the team - it is the beginning of a superb joint adventure.

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