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The Friday Cake: a Renault Trucks Lyon staff initiative in support of Japan

The Friday Cake operation took place on Friday 25 March. It enabled staff at the Lyon site to collect €6,500 in a single day! This amount, increased to €20,000 with contributions from Renault Trucks SAS and the Volvo Group, will be donated to the Red Cross for the benefit of those affected by the disaster in Japan. After the enormous flood of generosity which enabled a cheque for €30,000 to be given to the Doctor CLOWN Association, once again the Renault Trucks SAS staff proves just how important solidarity and initiatives in favour of humanitarian causes are to them. The French manufacturer's staff members applied their cake making talents to this particular cause and organised a sale of tarts and pastries at the Lyon site. A Friday Cake which inspired similar initiatives internationally among Volvo Group colleagues in the USA, Poland and Korea.

"Unity is strength!" declared Anny Scotton, Purchasing assistant, commenting on the "Friday Cake" operation organised on Friday 25 March at the Renault Trucks SAS Lyon site. The initiative, organised following the appalling earthquake which recently struck Japan, was designed to collect money by selling cakes on the site where the French truck manufacturer's headquarters are located.

"On the day following the catastrophe in Japan, many staff members called to ask if Renault Trucks was planning to do something in favour of those who had been affected" explains Pascale Mézie, head of communication for the Renault Trucks site in Lyon. "Shortly after, Renault Trucks announced that a special bank account had been set up for staff to pay into. And then came the idea of giving people the opportunity of making a donation while at the same time enjoying a cup of coffee with colleagues. And so the "Friday Cake" operation was born!"

"When something terrible happens, you never know how to help but you always want to do as much as possible for those who are suffering!" says Sophie Quivy, an SAP consultant. "I wanted to contribute and do something. So, we set up a table with a box for voluntary contributions!"

It was a little different for the Purchasing team, since the department has been organising a Friday Cake for the past year, with the aim of encouraging interaction between colleagues. "So we didn't change our habits, except that this particular "Friday Cake" was more symbolic because it involved making a genuine individual donation for a humanitarian cause," adds Anny Scotton. "I think that any humanitarian initiative adds something to a company and it's good to feel that people have a spirit of solidarity."  

The operation created a genuine flood of generosity with a large proportion of the workforce responding positively. They played their part by making cakes, tarts and pastries, setting up tables and collection boxes and organising sales in each department. It was a successful operation since almost all departments took part, creating several sales outlets and making it possible to collect a total of €6,500. This was increased to €20,000 thanks to contributions from Renault Trucks SAS and the Volvo Group.

This solidarity took the form of a delicious interlude during which each staff member could make a donation by buying a slice of cake. An initiative which not only rapidly spread throughout the corridors of the Renault Trucks Lyon offices but also captured the hearts of the staff, setting an example which was then followed across the world as Polish, Korean and American colleagues joined in to organise their own sales of cakes. In turn these operations generated donations which will all go towards helping those affected by the disaster in Japan.

After the Doctor CLOWN operation, which enabled a cheque of €30,000 to be donated to children in hospital, staff at the Renault Trucks SAS site have, once again, made a heartfelt response to an important cause, demonstrating that solidarity and commitment will always be values defended by Renault Trucks.

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