The Dakar Rally allows Renault Trucks to demonstrate the efficiency of its Latin-American network

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The Dakar Rally allows Renault Trucks to demonstrate the efficiency of its Latin-American network

With all competitors having arrived in Buenos Aires at the end of the Dakar Rally, the time has come to review performance. Renault Trucks used its Latin-American network to provide flawless assistance to the Keraxes involved in the race and consolidated its links with local distributors.

After over 8,000km, competitors driving Renault Trucks vehicles gave a sigh of relief when they arrived in Buenos Aires, grateful for the work of the Assistance Kerax whose superb performance was recognised by all. Once over the finish line, Christophe Lamert driving a Kerax for the Dessoude team, was high on praise: “Both in the race and for assistance, the service provided by Renault Trucks was crucial. Without the Assistance Kerax, we may not have got this far !”.

“Our first priority is customer satisfaction” replied the three technicians concerned in all simplicity. “We set up a roster system to help our customers. We were able to provide them with the parts they needed at all hours of the day or night”. Proof of this was a set of shock absorbers delivered at 3 o’clock in the morning! And when they didn’t have it, the Kerax technicians sourced the part from one of the numerous Renault Trucks South American outlets dotted along the route to the Rally.

This was the case in particular at the Renault Trucks dealership in Copiaco (Chile). Until recently, the manufacturer was not present in this area but the signing of a new contract in 2008 with the company Salfa allowed it to get a foot in the door, with outlets in the country’s 12 regional capitals. Today, in terms of turnover, this dealership is the third largest in Chile. By deciding to go with Salfa to distribute Renault Kerax, Premium Long-Distance, Lander and Distribution, the French commercial vehicle manufacturer was opting for serious endeavour and solid reputation. Created in 1928, the company is nation’s oldest in its field. And the figures are there to prove it. Today, the dealership manages a customer stock of 80 vehicles. Since May 2008, 10 Renault Trucks have been sold there, i.e. 15% of what the brand had sold in the previous 20 years in this near-desert region. Within the multi-brand dealership, certain technicians are exclusively dedicated to Renault Trucks vehicles. As such, they receive the best training provided by the French manufacturer and confident of the future, the director is planning to train more. 

With a very highly developed mining activity (copper, gold and iron) in the region, Copiaco is needful of worksite vehicles and it seems fairly logical that the Kerax should account for over half of sales. “Two main arguments win our customers over to Renault Trucks vehicles”, explains Pablo Carmona, Director of the multi-brand dealership: “on the one hand, they consider that European trucks are better than American trucks in terms of comfort. And on the other, Renault Trucks vehicles combine three essential qualities in the eyes of Chilean hauliers: they are good, sophisticated and reliable”.

A few thousand kilometres from there in neighbouring Argentina, the message is more or less the same. As in Chile, Renault Trucks is continuing to develop its presence in the country, seeking growth and new customers. In 2008, two new dealerships opened, bringing the total to 12 in Argentina. The first was in Ruta Sur in Bahia Blanca, and the second here in Cordoba in the region nicknamed “the heart of Argentina”, with the Franco Latina Group. The new dealership, perfectly located next to the motorway, comprises 6,000m2 of land and 1,300m2 of buildings. The workshop, built according to the brand’s standards, meets the service expectations of customers and the manufacturer’s productivity and working conditions standards. And, with its showroom and waiting room serving meals to drivers, it represents the “high-end” image that the brand enjoys in Argentina.

The efforts made by Renault Trucks to increase the size of its Latin American network show the manufacturer’s desire to work as closely as possible with its customers and to take up positions in new geographical areas. Already present in over 100 countries, Renault Trucks intends to continue the efforts begun in 2008 by improving its efficiency in markets where it is already present and conquering new, emerging and highly profitable markets which are synonymous with growth.

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