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Following courses in economic driving is a good thing. Making sure its impact survives over the long term is even better. Aware that the benefits of rational driving training diminish over time and that bad habits can sometimes come back very quickly, Renault Trucks has developed the web-based Optifuel Training Programme as an accompaniment to its trainees via the Optifuel Club Programme. This provides a set of tools to remind all their drivers what they learned during their courses. In this way, transport companies are sure to reap the long-term benefits of the training, i.e. major reductions in diesel consumption.

Hauliers and fleet managers are only too well aware of the fact that rational driving training loses its efficiency over time. So as to maintain the gains achieved (up to 15% for a single fleet) long term, Optifuel Programme includes free access to the Optifuel Club Programme via a website with exclusive content.
The objective is to give those who have followed the training course a set of tools to allow them to continue to maintain awareness on fuel consumption within their companies. Access is free for all trainers for a year.
The site is a practical toolbox that trainers can delve into for whatever they need, either practically or theoretically. In it, they will find all the theory developed during the training course that they can reuse themselves or with their own trainees. For example, there is the self-training manual for the Optifuel Infomax software, a presentation video of Optifuel solutions and an instruction booklet called Starter: of course, any effective training requires a good understanding of the vehicle.
On the practical side, there is a complete question & answer forum with ideas for all the practical aspects of implementing and monitoring a training course: what documents are needed? What sort of training room? How should the day be organised? How can a common thread run through the course and secure trainee buy-in? How can drivers be implicated over the long term? Etc.
The Optifuel Club Programme website is not fixed content but will be updated regularly as Renault Trucks receives feedback from its trainers in the field. Updates will be made three times a year and members of the club will be informed each time via newsletters.
For Renault Trucks, this follow-up is clearly part of the Optifuel Programme training course. It is a major commitment from the manufacturer to help its customers secure optimal success in implementing rational driving training.
The near-on 100%-satisfied 300 companies and over 14,000 drivers trained since 2007 who have seen their fuel expenditure decline are all keen to see Renault Trucks continue in this direction.

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