The hybrid truck was the star of the

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The hybrid truck was the star of the "Eco Transport and Logistics" show

Involved for many years in events and initiatives associated with the environment and new technologies, Renault Trucks was an exhibitor at the first "ECO Transport & Logistics" exhibition which was held in Paris from 29 March to 31 March 2011. Dedicated to green technologies, it took place at the same time as the International Transport and Logistics Week (SITL). Renault Trucks exhibited the Premium Optifuel on its stand as well as the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech in a 6x2*4 configuration from its Clean Tech range that features hybrid, electric or GNV technologies.  Renault Maxity electric, due to be launched on the market this year, was also featured on the neighbouring Clovis Rent stand. Renault Trucks does not believe in a single "silver bullet" solution to face environmental challenges, preferring a combination of different energies chosen according to the missions the vehicle will be undertaking. In other words: putting the right truck, in the right place, with the right energy.

As a heavy goods vehicle manufacturer, Renault Trucks aims to supply its customers with trucks that offer reliability, high performance and respect the environment. Since it does not believe that environmental challenges can be met with a single solution, its lines of research are therefore focused as much on reducing its Diesel vehicles' consumption as on the development of alternative solutions such as natural gas (CNG), all-electric or hybrid.  Each technology will be more or less appropriate for the mission the truck will be undertaking: an electric vehicle (such as the Maxity electric) for assignments in town centres, a hybrid vehicle for peri-urban operations (such as the Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech) and Diesel vehicles associated with Optifuel solutions for bringing goods into load breaking platforms on city outskirts.
It was therefore important for Renault Trucks to be at the first "ECO Transport & Logistics" show in Paris at the Porte de Versailles exhibition Park, from 29 to 31 March 2011. The stand featured its Optifuel consumption reducing solutions as well as its alternative energy Clean Tech solutions, with the spotlight on the Renault Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech hybrid truck.

Preserving the environment was the main concern of those visiting the exhibition, most of whom were professionals. This confirmed their growing interest in vehicles running on alternative energies, one which is gradually leading to more and more firm orders being placed.   
The star of the Renault Trucks stand was a 6x2*4 Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech, one of the Clean Tech vehicles. This label, launched in 2010, covers all vehicles using an alternative mode of propulsion and therefore includes electricity, hybrid or compressed natural gas (CNG)
The Premium Distribution Hybrys Tech is currently being tested under actual operating conditions by the Colas construction group in Lyon for carrying building materials and by Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium in Brussels for delivering beverages.  The first feedback from these customers has shown a reduction in consumption that corresponds to forecasts (savings of up to 20%) and user comfort particularly appreciated by drivers and operators.
Meanwhile, the Maxity all-electric "zero noise and zero emission" LCV designed to carry out assignments in town centres, is currently in its pre-launch phase. This vehicle, with an operating range of 100 km, is already in service with various customers, including the Tafanel brewery in Paris and the Greater Lyon Authority. The Maxity electric is also available on long term rental from Clovis Rent, which featured it on its stand.
The Optifuel solutions which were also highlighted during the show - under the generic Optifuel Programme name - included all the various means or tools now available for reducing fuel consumption. Since 2009, over 300 businesses of all sizes and in all sectors have signed up to the Optifuel Programme. Costing very little, this comprehensive and easily implemented solution for reducing fuel consumption currently offers the best return on investment available on the market. It is made up of several complementary elements: instruction in rational driving (Optifuel Training), software for measuring and analysing fuel consumption (Optifuel Infomax), plus access to an Internet site which allows the training's benefits to be maintained over the long term (Club Optifuel Programme). All these offers were presented around the Renault Premium Optifuel on the stand.


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