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The Optitronic robotised gearbox and its 7% fuel savings for just €1 extra on the Midlum

The Optitronic gearbox is available on the Midlum Euro 5 for just €1 until December 31st 2009. Especially configured to meet the requirements of Distribution range customers, the system allows fuel consumption gains of up to 7% and reduces CO2 emission in the same proportions.

The distribution business, particularly in the urban context, requires manoeuvrable, easy to use and economical vehicles. Having launched this new Optitronic robotised gearbox on the Midlum, Renault Trucks today goes further by offering the option for just €1 extra until December 31st 2009.

Apart from the added comfort, the Optitronic gearbox offers major fuel consumption gains: up to 7% compared to a manual gearbox. By this way, the customer makes fuel savings over the long term. On the one hand because their maintenance costs will be considerably reduced (less demand on the clutch and engine, etc.), but also because the vehicle will be paying fewer visits to the pump.

For large fleet customers, this is an ideal way of attenuating the effects of different driving styles, immediately reducing the fuel item on their operating account. For self-employed or owner-drivers, this represents a gain which will bring major relief on the fuel bill month after month. And for society and the environment as a whole, the reduction of consumption also means a equivalent CO2 emission reduction of 7 %.

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