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Jacques Laffite discovers Truck Racing with the Renault Premium racing truck

The former Formula 1 driver, Jacques Laffite drove a race truck for the first time in his life during the Le Mans 24h truck race this weekend. Surprised by the unique sensations of driving a 5.5t, 100hp racing vehicle, he described it as “great fun”!

At the Le Mans 24h truck race, Renault Trucks guest Jacques Lafitte was given the chance to drive the Premium Long Distance race truck used by the Frankie Racing Truck Team. After 2 laps in the passenger seat with Ross Garrett at the wheel to give him a better idea of what racing the vehicle feels like, Jacques Laffite was in the driving seat to try it out for a few laps himself. When he came back into the stands all smiles, he talked about his ride: “the tricky thing is the cornering – there’s so much weight that if you pull too hard, you lose the front end. As it’s slower than a car, I tended to brake too late and take the bends too fast.” In actual fact, driving a truck is nothing like driving a car. “I had to forget everything I’d learned about braking late and taking the corners hard…  it’s the other way around! You have to ease into the braking and put the 100hp to work as you come out of the bend. By the third lap, I was doing better.” As a real connoisseur, the official Frankie Truck Racing Team driver, Frankie Vojtisek (cf: photo) could have given him some more expert advice, but the former F1 driver loves his cars too much to take up Truck racing!

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