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International success for Renault Trucks: 500 tankers for Algeria and Iran

The world market for petroleum products is buzzing in 2008. Renault Trucks, which has a wide range of tankers on its books, has seized this market opportunity by winning two calls for tenders in September for the supply of over 500 vehicles to leading petroleum companies in Iran and Algeria.

With the signing of 300 Premium Long Distance in September to the National Iran Oil Company (NIOC) and 90 Keraxes and 124 Premium Landers to NAFATL in Algeria, the commercial vehicle manufacturer is strengthening its commercial position on the road tanker sector.

To engineer this success, Renault Trucks has done its best to provide the most competitive tankers, i.e. vehicles which are capable of transporting the largest possible amount of fuel on each outing, which is clearly the prime consideration for petroleum companies. The Lander, Distribution or Long Distance models of the Premium offers one of the best payloads on the market: NIOC can for example transport 200 more litres of hydrocarbons on each run.

In 2007, Renault Trucks invoiced 2,455 hydrocarbon transport vehicles throughout the world, out of a total of some 80,000 vehicles sold.