Hold tight : Renault Trucks turns your iPhone into a racing truck !

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Hold tight : Renault Trucks turns your iPhone into a racing truck !

Those who love the thrills of motorsports can now dream of being racing truck drivers wherever they are, thanks to the new Renault Trucks Racing iPhone application. Available from the App Store for €0.79 and free of charge during racing weekends from Thursday to Monday, the new Renault Trucks application offers the possibility of taking off at 160 km/hour and competing against rival trucks on three different tracks and at three different levels of difficulty! After Deliver Eye and Nav'Truck, this new application once again helps drivers and haulage professionals complete their missions under the most favourable conditions, this time by providing them with challenging entertainment.

Heading down the track powered by 1,140 hp, you suddenly make a daring bid to overtake the truck in front. Without the slightest hint of fair play, your rival truck cuts in and forces you off the track. You can swear as much as you like, but it's Game Over. When you raise your head, those around you at the table, in the Metro or the train are looking at you wondering what is going on… Welcome to the new Renault Trucks Racing iPhone application. It is available free of charge during racing weekends and for €0.79 the rest of the time via the App Store. It enables you to play wherever you are and at any time you choose.

The Renault Trucks Racing for iPhone application gives players the choice of two different trucks, three tracks and three modes (training, racing and championship). Beginners and experts alike will find it equally entertaining, since the game can be programmed to offer three different levels of difficulty (easy, medium or hard). The higher the setting, the faster the truck travels, the harder it is to drive and the tougher the competitors become! It can be downloaded using the following link: Renault Trucks Racing application

Although designed as a leisure activity, this new application will also be a valuable companion to haulage industry professionals and drivers to help them relax during their working day. Just like those to follow, it is also directly in line with Renault Trucks' overall policy of offering smartphone applications designed to satisfy their wants and needs.

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